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From jazz and big band to indie smashers and good old fashioned rock n’ roll, we have a lineup of acts to suit all tastes and themes. Click below to check out our full roster - they really are a talented bunch.

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Good Fellas

Good Fellas are a musical explosion! Based in Brighton, you will be hard-pressed to find a more energetic, talented live wedding band for hire. They will blow any wedding, party or event into the stratosphere with their infections, crowd-pleasing show.

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Hire A Band FAQ

  • Do you live bands offer covid cover?

    Yes, all our acts offer comprehensive covid cover which you can learn more about here.

  • How far in advance should I hire a band?

    Good quality bands for hire are in high demand so we always recommend hiring a band no later than 6 months before your event. If your event is taking place during peak summer months and Saturdays in particular, you may need to book up to a year in advance to you don’t miss out on your first choice band.

  • Do you offer any support or security if we hire a band with you?

    All bookings come with a regularly updated and comprehensive contract that fully supports you and the artist. View our T&C’s, covid cover and dedicated FAQ page for more information. Beforehand and during your event, we offer 24/7 support and are open 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm and are available via email, phone, text or live chat to answer any questions or address any problems you may have.

  • Should you watch a band before you book them?

    Most bands for hire whether they be wedding bands, party bands or function bands almost exclusively perform at private functions only. If you are able to see a band perform before you book them it can be useful but with websites like ours offering expert advice and providing videos, audio, reviews, full pricing, biography and full booking options for all bands you don’t need to see bands live before booking nowadays.

  • Do you have to feed a band you hire?

    Unless the band you hire is only going to be with you for only 2 to 4 hours you will need to supply food and refreshments for the duration of their time with you. Check the booking contract you have with any band you hire for specifics but one hot meal and soft drinks for each band member is the industry standard.

  • What music do bands for hire perform?

    Nowadays you can hire a band which can perform any genre of music you want. You can hire specialist acts who cover specific genres or eras or hire multi-genre bands that cover all genres from the ’50’s right up to present day. The most popular types of band for hire right now include folk, pop, rock and indie bands. Some websites including ours can design bespoke live bands to cater for even the most specific request or event theme.

  • Is a live band suitable for my event?

    Professional bands for hire are able to adapt to any event and can provide unique, high quality, exciting entertainment for you and your guests. Most acts can perform quietly, in smaller line ups and some are able to roam around an event performing as they move. If you are wanting some memorable entertainment for your event and your venue is live music-friendly, live bands can provide it in a safe and fun way.

  • How much space does a live band need to perform?

    Live bands usually arrive at your event fully self-contained meaning they bring all the lighting and sound equipment needed to perform. For this reason, they need a decently sized performance area. Generally speaking, 3 piece wedding bands need 3×3 metres of space, 4 piece wedding bands 4×3 metres, 5 to 6 piece wedding bands 5×3 metres and 7 piece bands or bigger need in excess of 6 to 7×4 metres of performance space.

  • How long does it take a band to set up, sound check and pack down?

    Live bands usually need 60-90 minutes to load in, set up and sound check. If time is of the essence they can sometimes load in, set up and briefly sound check in 30-40 minutes. Pack down usually takes 40-60 minutes. Any delays or obstructions a band encounters can slow the whole process down significantly.

  • What does a band for hire provide?

    Any professional band for hire should be able to provide PA sound system, lighting, musical equipment, appropriate outfits, background music or DJ’ing equipment if requested by you. It’s always best to check what your band and venue provide so you get the best live entertainment you can.

  • Can I choose which songs a live band performs?

    Most professional bands for hire should be happy to discuss your song choices and work them into their live sets. However, as professional musicians, they will always use their considerable experience when finalising setlists so they can strike the perfect balance between your wishes, what they know works and what they know they can perform to their absolute best for your event.

  • How loud are bands for hire?

    Live bands vary in volume depending on the size of the outfit and whether they perform fully acoustic or live through a PA sound system. Most professional bands can adjust their volume levels to suit your event but most will perform between 85db and 120db. As a guide, if speaking to someone while watching a band performing at 100db, you would need to speak directly into their ear for them to hear you.

  • Can live bands perform in a venue with a sound limiter?

    Most live bands should be able to perform adequately with a sound limiter as long as the limiter is set at 95db or higher. If you book a venue with a sound limiter it is important you make the live band you are hiring aware so they can confirm they can perform within its restrictions. Sound limiters can be very restrictive but if they are set at a reasonable level and you hire a professional live band used to working with sound limiters you shouldn’t encounter too many problems.

  • Can I speak to or meet a band I hire?

    Most booking agencies and websites out there only initiate contact between you and your band once you have signed a booking contract. Bands for hire are usually private function bands only so unless you agree on something specific with the band, it will be unlikely that you will meet them. The musicians who perform in our bands also run the website so unlike most agencies and websites out there, when you speak to us, you speak to real band members.

  • What is a live band for hire?

    A live band for hire is a group of professional musicians who generally perform at private events including weddings, parties and corporate events. They usually have specially designed setlists, there own lighting and sound equipment and specialise in performing at all types of events in all sorts and venues and locations.

  • Do your bands for hire have PAT and PLI certificates?

    All acts at Seventh Second have up to date and accurate PLI and PAT certificates so they are fully insured and covered to perform in any venue. Any band you are looking at hiring should have these two documents.

  • Is it safe to hire a band online?

    If you hire a band online make sure they have great reviews, good, up to date promotional material and honest and comprehensive pricing. Whether they have a representative or not, good communication and professionalism from the off should be expected. Make sure you have a robust contract in place with any band you hire so you are fully protected.

  • How do I hire a band near me?

    There are quite a few ways to hire a band in your area but one of the safest and most popular ways is to book a band online either directly or through a third-party representative. You can hire any type of live wedding band, party act or corporate entertainment online safely and securely. Most good websites will advertise bands that can either travel to you or are based near you and you should be able to compare prices and options and pick the best band for you.

  • How much does it cost to hire a band?

    The price of hiring a band can start at around £600 and can go all the way up to £8000 or more. Live wedding bands can sometimes cost more than party or corporate bands but generally, a good three-piece band will cost between £600 and £900, 4 piece bands £800 to £2000 and 5 piece bands or larger can start from £1000 and go right up to £8000 or more. You have to take into account possible website commission costs and any bands petrol costs and other expenses. Off-peak and peak season price fluctuations are also very common so before booking any band, ask about all these possible extra costs first.