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Pop Nights

Welcome world-class acoustic duo Pop Nights into your event and prepare for the most unforgettable stripped-down acoustic music you've ever heard. Pop Nights serve up the perfect acoustic entertainment night after night.

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Welcome to the funky, poppy and oh so soulful world of Esteem! This premium, female-fronted wedding band for hire offer up the perfect night's entertainment for you and your guests, whatever the occasion.

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Why not try our FAQs page - it’s filled with everything you’ll need to know about hiring a wedding band for your special day.

Featured band for hire

Paper Boats

Festival inspired, folk and bluegrass music doesn't get much better when acoustic extravaganza Paper Boats take to the stage! Get your folk on with original and quirky interpretations of classic and contemporary hits.

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Live Bands For Hire FAQ

  • What are bands for hire?

    Bands for hire are most commonly a group of full-time, professional musicians who’ve formed a live band exclusively for the private function market. Private functions include wedding, parties and corporate events amongst others. These bands usually work fully self-contained providing all their lighting and sound equipment for any type of show at any type of event.

  • How far in advance should you book a band for hire?

    In order to book the band you want, we suggest you should look at booking no later than 6 months before your event and ideally 8 months to a year in advance. Popular bands for hire can be fully booked up a year and sometimes even two years in advance, especially during the peak summer months.

  • What support and security do you offer with your bands for hire?

    All our bookings are covered by a robust, legally binding and regularly updated booking contract that offers covid cover and protection for both you and the band you hire. We also supply 24/7 emergency phone numbers and are open and available via phone, text, email and live chat 7 days a week 10 am to 10 am. We also have a dedicated T&C’s page and more detailed FAQ’s page to answer most questions you may have.

  • Should I watch a band for hire before booking?

    Moat bands for hire are private function bands only meaning its very unlikely that you can watch them live before booking. However, if you do have the opportunity we would always recommend you watch any band perform that you are thinking of hiring. Most bands for hire have detailed and extensive promotional material meaning you can see exactly what kind of band you are booking from the comfort of your own home.

  • Do bands for hire need food and refreshments at my event?

    In most cases, you will need to supply the band you hire with a hot meal and soft drinks for the duration of their stay with you. Your booking contract should explain your obligations but it is generally accepted industry-wise that any band for hire that stays with you for more than 4 hours will need a hot meal and soft drinks.

  • What music do bands for hire perform?

    Bands for hire perform every genre of music. Pop, folk, indie, rock, jazz. funk, soul, Motown, blues and jive are just some of the styles covered by modern bands for hire. Some acts cover all genres and eras and others will only cover very specific genres and eras so you have the maximum choice. Some websites like ours design bespoke bands for hire for clients wanting something very specific and unique.

  • Is a band for hire suitable for my event?

    If you are wanting top quality live musical entertainment, hiring a band is one of the best acts you can book. Bands for hire come in all shapes and sizes and can perform quietly or louder to suit your event. Some bands can roam around events also.

  • How much space does a band for hire need to perform?

    Bands for hire usually bring all equipment needed to perform for you so need a decent amount of space to perform. A stage is always a bonus but not essential for a band to perform too. The more space you can offer a band the better but generally 3 piece wedding bands need 3×3 metres of space, 4 piece wedding bands 4×3 metres, 5 to 6 piece wedding bands 5×3 metres and 7 piece bands or bigger need in excess of 6 to 7×4 metres of performance space.

  • How long does it take a band for hire to load in, set up, sound check and pack down?

    With no delays, distractions or obstructions, bands for hire usually need 60-90 minutes to load in, set up, sound check and be ready to perform at your event. If needed, some bands can load in, set up and complete a minimal sound check in 30-40 minutes. Pack down generally takes 40-60 minutes but again can be rushed if needs be.

  • What do bands for hire provide?

    Bands for hire are usually fully self-contained meaning they can supply PA sound system, lighting, musical equipment, appropriate clothing for your event, background music or DJ equipment if needed. Always check with any band you are looking at hiring that they can supply.

  • Can I choose which songs a band for hire performs?

    Most bands for hire are happy to try and incorporate or at least discuss songs you would like them to perform. Being professional musicians, they will always use their considerable experience and expertise to help design the perfect setlist which combines your song choices and songs they know will entertain you and your guests during your event.

  • How loud are bands for hire?

    Bands for hire vary in volume due to their line up, size and whether they are purely acoustic or fully electric acts. Professional bands for hire can adjust their volume within certain limits to suit any venue and any event. As a guide, most bands for hire perform within the 90db to 120db range. 120db is the equivalent of having to talk very loudly into someone’s ear to be heard whilst watching a live band perform.

  • Can bands for hire perform in a venue with a sound limiter?

    If a sound limiter is set at 95db or higher, professional bands for hire will be able to perform at an acceptable level. Any limit set at below 95db will seriously hamper any bands performance, limiting what they can offer you and your guests and it is best to avoid live music venues that have such restrictive sound limiters. Always make any band you are thinking of hiring aware of any sound restrictions your venue has so they can assess if they can perform to an acceptable standard for you.

  • Can I speak to or meet a band for hire?

    Most bands for hire are purely private function bands so unless you arrange something specific with them or their representatives, you can’t speak to or meet a band before booking them. However, at Seventh Second you can speak with the musicians as soon as you get in contact.

  • Do your bands for hire have PAT and PLI certificates?

    All acts at Seventh Second come fully insured and protected with up to date and comprehensive PLI and PAT certificates. Please ask for more details.

  • Is it safe to book a band online?

    Hiring a band online is one of the safest ways to book a band if you book with a reliable, reputable and established website that offers comprehensive legally binding contracts and other guarantees when booking. If a band has great promotional material, good reviews, fair pricing and seems professional you should feel safe booking them through an established, expert website.

  • How do I book a band for hire near me?

    There are many ways to book a band in your area but one of the safest and most popular ways is to book a band online either directly or through their representative. Any form of band for hire including live wedding bands, party acts and corporate bands can be booked online safely and securely and good wedding entertainment websites advertise bands that can travel to you or are based nearby so you can compare prices and options and pick the best band for you. Sometimes, booking a band based further away from your venue can actually cost less than booking a band that’s based near by.

  • How much do bands for hire cost?

    Prices for bands for hire vary wildly due to band size, expenses costs, their website/representatives commission rates, off-peak and peak booking periods and booking options and requirements you may have. Wedding and corporate bands are usually the more expensive types of bands for hire and broadly speaking a professional three-piece band will cost between £600 and £900,  a 4 piece between £800 to £2000 and 5 piece bands or larger can start from £1000 and go right up to £8000 or more. As a guide, the overall average price for a band for hire in 2020 is £1498.

  • Do your bands for hire offer covid cover?

    Yes, all our live bands offer comprehensive covid cover which you can learn more about here.