5 Easy Steps To Book A Wedding Band

August 2020 | Jon Stephens

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COVID-19: We want to reassure you that Seventh Second is open for business as usual and here to help you with any questions or queries you have regarding booking, cancelling or postponing live entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The 5 easy steps for booking your perfect live wedding band!


Congratulations! You’re getting married! But now you’re thinking, how do I hire a fantastic live wedding band? Where do I find one and how do I book a great one safely and securely? Well in this quick, simple and easy guide I take our 15 years of booking and performing in wedding bands and show you the 5 steps to book a wedding band. Follow these steps and you will feel safe and secure when hiring a live wedding band.

The 5 easy steps to book a wedding band

Here are the 5 steps:

Search for live wedding bands online

Shortlist a few wedding bands

Pick one band after speaking to the bands or their booking agents

Check and sign a booking contract

Sort final details with your wedding band

More on booking a wedding band

After reading this, if you feel you want more information on this whole topic there are a few guides listed below that you may find very useful. At the end of this guide, you will also find a handy infographic detailing everything. Hooray! We have loads of great guides to help you through this whole process and more so take the time to have a good look through past guides. All the help and information you could ever need is there! Alternatively, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

7 questions to ask yourself before picking a live wedding band

How to hire a live wedding band

How to choose a live wedding band


Step 1: Search online for live wedding bands

This may sound obvious but it is the first step to book a wedding band – going online! I mean, you’re already on a wedding entertainment website full of great wedding bands for hire and looking for wedding bands online is the best place to find them so well done! There are quite a few websites showcasing wedding bands for hire so there’s a load of choice for you out there. 

It doesn’t matter what style of live band you desire, it’s all out there on the internet with Knight Riders above being a great example of a truly unique wedding band!

Safety and security

Websites like ours offer safety and security when hiring a live band so not only is it the best place to look at wedding bands, it’s also the safest. Robust contracts that protect you and the live band, professional, full-time wedding musicians, plentiful real customer reviews and the ability to speak to either the band or their booking agent are just some of the advantages you get with booking online when compared to booking that part-time “pub band” you saw performing a wedding or pub gig last year.

Word of mouth and recommendation

Looking at a wedding band or other website you’ve been recommended is a great way to start your search too and chances are that they will be part of a larger, established website like ours and others. In fact, over 50% of our business comes from recommendation and word of mouth! So, step 1 is safe, easy, convenient and full of more choice than you can shake a stick at! If you want to know more, read our guide on whether wedding bands safe to book online.

Step 2: Narrow down your wedding band choices

By now you should have a rough budget and the kind of live wedding band you fancy in mind. Bustling Folk band? Foot stomping Indie band? If you’re still feeling a bit stuck or unsure, read our guide on the real cost of wedding bands and our bumper big little guide showcasing all types of live bands for hire.

5 is the magic number

I always recommend shortlisting about 5 bands that you’d love to see performing at your wedding. How do you pick these 5 bands you may ask? Your budget should whittle down your choices a bit but also have a good look at each band’s promotional material in detail. Have they got good video, audio, reviews, booking options and fair pricing? Will their song selection fit your wedding theme and entertain you and your guests all night? Check out League of Gentlemen’s (above) profile for a good example of loads of great promo that shows you exactly what you’ll get on the day.

Step 3: Get expert advice and pick that one wedding band for you

One of the best ways to pick a band is to simply speak to the salespeople who represent them. If you are struggling to decide or want another opinion they should be there to help guide you. They can usually offer extra advice and crucially, see which bands are free on your wedding day.

Speak to the wedding bands themselves

One of the best ways to reassure yourself that you are choosing the right band is to speak to the musicians in the bands themselves. Some websites out there will let you do this and we highly recommend you take the opportunity. There’s no better way of deciding on a wedding band than by speaking to them. You probably wouldn’t book someone’s wedding venue without speaking to them and having a good look at the venue, would you?

!Shameless plug alert!


Come speak to us if you want to have a good old chat with musicians who perform week in week out for wedding couples like you. Unrivalled expertise, real insight and genuine advice on the kind of live band that’s right for you are just some of the reasons people love our bands and the way we work. We also just love to chat with couples about their weddings plus we have the flexibility to design a bespoke live wedding band just for you at no extra cost. Win-Win!

Anyway, once step 3 is sorted, you should be feeling very happy at having picked the best wedding band for you. Well done you!

Step 4: Wedding band booking contract

Not quite as fun as picking a cool wedding band for your big day, step 4 is all about ironing out the details of your booking – what you want from your live wedding band and what they can offer. This is where chatting to an agent or a band that really understands your needs is important so you aren’t left feeling disappointed on the day. You know you picked the right band so make sure they agree to the booking options you like the look of.

Booking options, you say?

Extra or fewer musicians, early arrival, late finish, acoustic sets and most importantly, your first dance ideas should all be agreed and discussed so you can then draw it up on the booking contract and sign on the dotted line. For inspiration, below is a screenshot of some of the booking options we offer with our wedding bands. Plenty of choices!


Booking contract ahoy!



Once you have the price, booking details and any other important bits of information sorted with the agent or wedding band it’s time to sign the booking contract. This step is very important because it means both you and your band are protected in any eventuality.

The recent pandemic has shown how important it is to have a robust and clear booking contract in place with all wedding suppliers. Since March we’ve helped many couples out there who’ve had some terrible situations arise with their wedding entertainment, bands agents or wedding entertainment websites during the COVID-19 lockdown. You can always read our latest information on COVID-19 and the wedding industry below.


Cancelling your wedding entertainment due to COVID-19

Postponing your wedding entertainment due to COVID-19


Stay safe and book smart

Do not book a live wedding band without signing a contract you are happy with and if in doubt, you should read more about that in our guide here. One huge reason websites like ours exist is to offer you legal protection and certain guarantees regarding your live wedding entertainment. Don’t take chances, book with reputable, reliable websites.

Popular wedding bands are in high demand

This is more relevant than ever with 2021 shaping up to be very, very busy for the wedding industry but regardless, popular wedding bands are always in high demand and book up quickly so signing a contract which secures them for your special day is an important step! We offer up some extra help here explaining how far in advance you should book a wedding band.

For more on booking contracts, you can have a peek into our industry-standard, regularly updated booking contract T&C’s and general FAQ’s if you like but please get in touch if you have any questions. We are always here, happy to help, obligation-free.

Step 5: Sorting the final details with your wedding band

Give yourself a big pat on the back. You’ve done all the hard work and now you can enjoy picking your first dance and other wedding music with your fabulous wedding band. To recap:


  • You looked at loads of fantastic wedding bands online? Check!
  • You narrowed down your choices to around 5? Check!
  • Some expert advice helped you pick one amazing wedding band? Check!
  • You confirmed your booking with a solid booking contract? Check!

Job done!

Step 5 is a reward! You get to explain in more detail, all your dreams for your wedding and work with your wedding band on making them come true. Here at Seventh Second, we would have been discussing this with you from the moment you got in touch with us but either way, make sure your wedding band fully understands what you want.

Take their experience into account

Take your live wedding bands expertise into account as you discuss your ideas, wedding logistics and other bits and bobs so you get the most out of them and your wedding party. Our guide on how to get the most out of your wedding band is a must-read for you right now by the way!

Wedding musicians really know their stuff and are there to help – kind of like I’m doing now…


The 5 steps infographic 


Professional, experienced and fun time wedding musicians!

For example, our wedding band The Usual Suspects perform at over 100 weddings a year and love to offer up all their knowledge, tips and tricks to excited wedding couples so they have the most amazing and memorable wedding ever! Take a look at their extensive real wedding reviews to see how well that’s worked over the years.

Well, that’s it! 5 short and snappy steps to book a wedding band. Some of it may have seemed obvious but you have so much on your wedding planning plate that sometimes you need a helping hand. Follow these 5 steps and you will be chuffed with the wedding band you book.

As ever comments and questions are most welcome! Why not start step 1 here and look at a fantastic array of fine wedding bands right now? No time like the present!

I hope you have a truly memorable wedding day and if you liked what you read please consider sharing it with others.


Jon and the Seventh Second Family

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