5 Freebies You Didn’t Know Live Wedding Bands Offered In 2023!

August 2023 | Matt Oats

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Here are 5 amazing freebies live wedding bands offer in 2023!

Did you know that the best and most professional live wedding bands usually offer quite a few freebies with any booking? Ours certainly do because as I’m sure you know, weddings are pretty pricey! Let me help keep those costs down and brighten your wedding day by showing you 5 freebies you didn’t know live wedding bands offered!


My 5 wedding freebies!


Here are the key freebies I’ll talk about today.


  1. Free laptop/DJ service
  2. Free first dance/special song requests
  3. Free PA, stage lighting, and stage outfits
  4. Free wedding announcing
  5. Free encores


Bonus freebies with Seventh Second

At Seventh Second we don’t only offer the freebies mentioned above. We are also offering free comprehensive covid cover with any booking and also have a special offer freebie too – 15% off any booking right now! Come and speak to us via phone, email, live text, the usual socials, or text to find out more about our popular offer! Today’s advice is generally relevant if you are hiring a band for an event or party too so keep reading!


Some of our other popular guides


Before I crack on with the 5 freebies, below are some links to guides that thousands of newlyweds and couples have found useful over the past year and which you may find very useful right now too. Scroll back and give them a read when you’re done with my 5 freebies!



Show me those 5 wedding band for hire freebies

I’m going to kick off my 5 freebies guide with one of the big freebies. Oh, and although all our wedding bands, party bands, and function bands offer these freebies mentioned today, not all agencies and live bands out there will so always check with any band or representative you speak with first!


1. Laptop DJ/background music freebie

Oh yes! That’s right, all our wedding bands offer a free laptop DJ/background music service when you book. Even if it’s more basic laptop background music, our acts will help design the playlists you want or come equipped with loads of amazing ones they’ve designed over the years to create the wedding atmosphere you want or to keep the party going while they aren’t performing. This is an amazing freebie to get hold of as it not only keeps that dance floor busy and the wedding party vibes going while your band takes a break, but it also saves you a lot of money if you were thinking of hiring a separate wedding DJ. Many of our wedding bands for hire like Paper Boats (above) have been DJ’ing at weddings for years and can offer a fantastic DJ service. With all our wedding bands offering top-of-the-range PA and stage lighting, they can rival most wedding DJs too.


If you still want that genuine wedding DJ experience and live wedding band, check out DJ Republic above. They are an act that does it all and are always happy to offer up some freebies! They really are the best of both worlds! Lastly, if you’re unsure which you want, read this guide to find out!



2. First dance and special song request freebies

We’ve got many guides on first dances, last dances, and other special songs that are performed at weddings and events but not many couples know that many live wedding bands out there can perform your first dance and even other song requests for free! That’s a pretty big deal when you’re talking about some of the most important songs and moments during your wedding day!

As long as your songs can be realistically performed live, all of our wedding bands are happy to perform your first dance for free at the very least. Last dances, father/daughter, mother/daughter, and any other special songs aren’t usually a problem either but always make sure you chat with your wedding band about your ideas and listen to their advice as they are the music and wedding experts! Good Fellas (above) love performing all the special songs you want and even have a list of great first dance songs on their profile. Below are some must-read guides on these topics too!


How to Choose a First Dance

The Top 10 Wedding Songs of All Time

Do I need a First Dance?



3. PA, stage lighting, and outfit freebies!

All our wedding bands like Flair Twelve (above) arrive at any wedding with top-quality PA and stage lighting equipment and most other bands worth booking should do too. Without a great-sounding PA and awesome light show, a live wedding band’s performance just isn’t going to be as good as it could be! Some bands do charge for these extras but that seems a tad unfair to me. These should be freebies and if they are, it’ll save you a lot of money and hassle, trust me! It’s always worth checking if your band offers all this for free and don’t forget to chat with your wedding venue as they may have sound or lighting equipment your band either has to use or can use. Hopefully, it’ll all make life cheaper and easier for you.

Live wedding band outfits

Likewise, most wedding bands for hire including ours offer a variety of outfits so they can blend seamlessly into your wedding and themes. Folky, smart, casual, fancy dress, Christmassy, and even carefully coordinated like Southside Sparkle, our wedding bands are happy to change up their outfits as a freebie. Most other bands should be willing to do the same. Our huge wedding party checklist guide offers more of these kinds of tips and tricks to help make your wedding party a smooth and incredibly fun one! Go check it out when you have a moment.


4. Wedding announcement freebie!

With their PA all set up, live wedding bands and more specifically their frontwomen or frontmen can make great announcers at your wedding! They are used to talking, singing, and dancing in front of large crowds so making announcements is no sweat. All our bands are happy to make announcements including announcing your wedding breakfast, first dance, evening snacks or food, and last dances amongst others. The frontman of our super popular wedding band The Usual Suspects (above) has been making announcements at weddings for years, even taking the role of master of ceremonies at weddings too. If your wedding band can offer this freebie it’ll again save you some pennies on a master of ceremonies and mean you have one less thing to worry about on your wedding day! It’s a big bonus all around with your fantastic wedding band taking care of your wedding party schedule. 



5. Wedding party encore freebie!

Who doesn’t love an encore? We even have a wedding band called Encore! If your wedding venue allows it, you should always ask your live wedding band if they can perform a little encore for you. It’s simply the best way to end an evening and especially a wedding day! Get everyone on that dance floor one last time and enjoy some quality bonus tunes from your lovely wedding band! Some wedding bands have carefully created setlists and don’t always do encores but all of ours are happy to perform a few extra songs with Electric Jukebox (above) in particular loving a good encore. They have a few to choose from, with each one guaranteed to raise that wedding roof and leave you all smiling away as the lights go up on your memorable day. Encores are fun, a great surprise for all, and simply the best way to end your wedding so get your wedding band performing that encore (as a freebie of course) and have the best wedding ever!


A teeny word of caution

Freebies are great, we all love them and the 5 offered up today are particularly good ones for couples out there. However, as mentioned in our guide on wedding bands to avoid, be slightly wary of wedding bands that offer loads of freebies. If it all seems a bit too good to be true it probably is! It’s not common but worth a mention.


That’s it!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my guide on the 5 freebies you didn’t know live wedding bands offered. It’s been a short but sweet guide to put together for you all as I know it will save a lot of your time, money, and hassle and make your wedding even better! Who wouldn’t want that? If you want to know more feel free to contact us and don’t forget that we are here 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm via phone, text, email, the usual socials, and live chat to help design your ultimate live wedding entertainment at the best price (with all the freebies mentioned of course). If you know someone else who could benefit from some freebies or would just love this guide, please consider sharing it, I would really appreciate it. Questions and comments are always welcome too.

Bye for now, everyone here at Seventh Second wishes you a fabulous wedding!

Matt and the Seventh Second Team


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