7 Awesomely Perfect COVID-19 Friendly Live Wedding Bands

October 2020 | Jon Stephens

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COVID-19: We want to reassure you that Seventh Second is open for business as usual and here to help you with any questions or queries you have regarding booking, cancelling or postponing live entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic.

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7 live wedding bands that are the perfect covid wedding entertainment!


Attempting to get married and have a proper celebration is tough right now! Life, in general, is tough right now and with the new cap on wedding guest numbers really hitting you and all of us in the wedding industry hard we thought we should shine some much-needed light down the seemingly long and dark lockdown tunnel. Never fear, COVID-19 won’t beat us and so we present 7 awesomely perfect lockdown friendly live wedding bands!

What do the new restrictions mean for your wedding?

The government released a lot of information and varying restrictions for the second “lockdown” with some of them being a bit mind-boggling and confusing to say the least! In the next few weeks, we’ll go into a bit more detail on that in our latest COVID-19 post but for now, the biggest and most devastating change for weddings and other events was the cap on guests allowed dropping from 30 to 15.

All doom and covid gloom?

This was of course awful news and sent shock waves through our industry and left many already struggling and distressed wedding couples feeling lost and deeply upset. However, it wasn’t all bad news. Unlike the previous rules regarding 30 guests at weddings, the new rules clarify that wedding suppliers and vendors are not included as part of the new guest allocation.


A covid wedding entertainment silver lining!


This means that as well as other fantastic wedding vendors and entertainers like the Usual Suspects above, you can now hire that wedding band you’ve been dreaming of and it won’t affect your 15 guest allocation. We’ll take that as a little win! 


The 30 guests rule

Couples who’d been planning on having 30 guests would have found that a good portion of that allocation would have been used by their wedding suppliers and entertainers but now, you can pick your 15 most important and awesome friends and relatives and still have all the wedding suppliers you want. We think that’s pretty good and despite the small number of guests, it means you can have a pretty authentic looking wedding!


Book covid wedding entertainment with confidence

Like our wedding band roster which we like to keep small and exclusively select, your wedding will now be awesomely small and select. All of these new rules may be enforced well into 2021 and the government is still stipulating that you should limit the overall number of performers, so, for that reason, we present not only 7 awesomely perfect COVID-19 friendly wedding bands but 7 wedding bands that make a big noise with the smallest number of musicians. Small and mighty and very much COVID-19 and social distancing safe. You may also like our guide on corona proof wedding bands for 2021 and 2022. Whenever and wherever your wedding ends up taking place, we’ll be ready to provide the entertainment and at a great discount during the pandemic too…


Save 15% on any 2021 or 2022 live wedding band booking now!


No singing? No problem!

If you are worried about transmission of coronavirus through singing or heavy breathing that can be associated with vocalists or general musical performance, all our wedding bands including the ones shown today can perform quietly, discreetly and without any vocal performance. That way, everyone stays safe and still has a great time.


Our 7 brilliant little COVID-19 friendly live wedding bands

You can click on any band name/genre below to go straight to their info or keep scrolling to discover all our amazing live wedding bands. Oh and click on their name in their info section to head straight to their unique profile page!


Paper Boats- Folk festival trio

The Usual Suspects- Multi-genre trio

Encore- Female-fronted acoustic pop trio

Cadence – Acoustic pop duo

The Avengers- Funk and soul power trio

Southside Sparkle – 1920’s goes pop acoustic trio

Rae – Solo female acoustic musician


I’ll start with one of our most popular little wedding bands, Paper Boats!



Paper Boats

Paper boats bring a little slice of folky festival magic to any wedding they have the pleasure of performing at. Although Paper Boats offer you a myriad of booking options and line ups, their main compact trio of vocals/acoustic guitar/double bass, drums/backing vocals and keys/acoustic guitar/backing vocals is all you need for a great night’s foot-stomping acoustic fun.


COVID-19 friendly credentials

Members of Paper Boats have been performing in the folk and wedding world for many, many years and understand the ins and outs of performing safely and professionally. They can perform inside and outside and with their multi-instrumental skills and compact trio line up, they have been quite busy during lockdown at restricted weddings, outdoor parties and events. As with all acts at Seventh Second, Paper Boats take social distancing rules very seriously.


Happy client reviews

Here’s what wedding couples say about Paper Boats. You can read all of our 528 happy client reviews here too!


“Really impressed and very pleased with Paper Boats. They were very friendly and professional. This took a huge amount of pressure off me and made the evening and dance flow very well. They were very organised prior to the wedding and easy going. They played so well we would definitely recommend!”

Amanda Gomez – Brighton 2019

“Paper Boats played our wedding and from the off, they were great in keeping in touch with us and accommodating with song choices including our first dance. The guys were brilliant playing a variety of songs to keep our guests of all ages dancing all night. I will be booking them for our anniversary party!”

Matthew and Hannah Horsley – Surrey 2019


Booking options, line ups and pricing

Paper Boats have a vast amount of booking options including folky bandeoke and extra musicians like mandolin, pedal steel, violin and sax players. The world is your oyster with this act and save 15% off bookings now with prices starting from £800.



The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects are one of our most established and popular wedding band trios. Their multi-genre setlist continues to get absolutely everyone up onto the dance floor and has proved super popular year on year. You’re never left disappointed with this hard-working, high energy, fun time outfit!


COVID-19 friendly credentials

The Usual Suspects like all our acts are taking social distancing very seriously. Their frontman teaches guitar at primary and secondary schools and has a young family of his own so has made sure the whole band is a well-oiled covid friendly machine! The Usual Suspects are a well established compact trio and have vast experience performing in all sorts of wedding venues indoors and outdoors.


Happy client reviews

Here’s what wedding couples say about The Usual Suspects. You can read all of our 528 happy client reviews here too!


“We definitely don’t have a bad word to say about the band. We had an amazing wedding and The Usual Suspects wedding band played a massive part in making it so much fun. They arrived on time, set up quickly and were friendly to us and all our guests. We were impressed by their large and eclectic setlist and, even though we had guests of all ages and musical tastes, everyone seemed to love their song selection. In fact, a few of our guests have already told us how much they enjoyed the band. I don’t think I’ve seen my mum and my gran dance for so long – they were both on the dancefloor until the band stopped playing at midnight! Not bad considering my gran is 86! The band also kindly let one of our bridesmaids sing with them for our first dance and that will always be one of our fondest memories of the day. Thanks, guys!”

Dan Wilber – Lake District 2008

“We just wanted to say a huge thank you to the Usual Suspects for their performance at our wedding. We loved every minute and had so much great feedback from our guests! You really made such a good night for us and I never expected the dance floor to be so full and to have such a great live wedding band!”

Sarah and Rhys Beyer – London 2015


Booking options, line ups and pricing

The Usual Suspects love to perform in their trio line up of vocals/guitar, bass/backing vocals and drums/backing vocals but they can also strip down to an acoustic solo, duo or trio line up to cater for all types of pandemic restricted weddings. Bandeoke and extended live sets are just some of the options they offer. Book here for 15% off right now. Prices start from £700.



Stunning female vocals hover over a fantastically unique little trio who perform songs that no one else thinks of. Their unique live sets will get you and your guests dancing till the early hours and wondering why you hadn’t thought of all these fabulous songs too!


COVID-19 friendly credentials

Encore have been able to perform during the pandemic and are very used to the “new normal”. They are also one of our most compact trios so they can fit right into your wedding no matter how small or restricted. They can also perform fully acoustic meaning outdoor performances are no problem.


Happy client reviews

Here’s what wedding couples say about Encore. You can read all of our 528 happy client reviews here too!


“Please thank the guys for letting me play with them at the gig – it actually seemed to go rather well even without any rehearsal. Encore were absolutely brilliant. Thanks again.”

Rob Latimer – Reading 2013

“I’ve never seen my mum and dad dance so much. I couldn’t have picked a better act. Thanks, Encore and Seventh Second.”

Steph Wendy – Essex 2018


Booking options, line ups and pricing

As mentioned, Encore usually perform as a compact trio but this can always be stripped down to a duo or even boosted with keys and bass. With 15% off right now, prices start from £980 and booking options include extra live sets and various sound and lighting options to cater for all weddings.




Cadence are a stunning, intimate acoustic duo for hire with Seventh Second. Covering all the latest songs and finest songs from all eras Cadence offer a subtle bit of musical magic for you and your 15 guests. Soulful female vocals and expertly performed acoustic guitar are sometimes all you need!


COVID-19 friendly credentials

Cadence have kept as busy as has been possible during lockdown and won’t let you down on your wedding day, especially during these tough times. As a duo, you will barely notice them as they quietly set up and perform within all social distancing guidelines. During lockdown, musical duos are some of the most reliable and viable forms of live entertainment available and Cadence are no exception.


Happy client reviews

Here’s what wedding couples say about Cadence. You can read all of our 528 happy client reviews here too!


“This acoustic duo are fantastic. If you are considering hiring acoustic entertainment – look no further. Lots of energy and popular songs to go round. We kept watching the videos over and over until the day of our wedding. They certainly lived up to the hype. Go ahead and book these guys, you won’t be disappointed.”

Alison Dale – Surrey 2018

“I was the best man for my brother’s wedding and I was charged hiring the entertainment. I have to say that Cadence made the whole process for me much easier. They were a huge success and went down a storm. I have no problem in saying that it was of very high quality and that anyone looking to hire them should know that they are nothing short of excellent.”

Jordon Perry – Cambridge 2017


Booking options, line ups and pricing

Cadence usually perform as a duo consisting of female vocals and acoustic guitar/backing vocals but they can add a percussionist to mix things up a bit. They offer a large list of songs to choose from and can perform fully acoustic or fully electric. With 15% off, prices start from £600 for this happy go lucky duo who you can book right here.



The Avengers

Like The Usual Suspects, The Avengers have more experience performing at weddings than most live wedding bands out there so get ready to get your funk on with this dynamic and highly musical power trio as they showcase the best of funk, pop, soul, Motown and even a bit of rock and indie if that’s your thing.


COVID-19 friendly credentials

Members of The Avengers have been busy teaching music at schools during lockdown so are no strangers to the precautions that need to be taken for a socially distant wedding or working environment. Professional musicians for many years, The Avengers take their job very seriously and will make sure they provide safe wedding entertainment with plenty of fun along the way!


Happy client reviews

Here’s what wedding couples say about The Avengers. You can read all of our 528 happy client reviews here too!


“Just to say thank you to you and the wedding band for a great night of entertainment at our wedding at Northcote House. The music was brilliant and the dj spots just right, everyone said they had a brilliant time and considering the age range was from 12 to 94 that is some achievement! Thanks again for helping make our special day so great.”

Paul and Sarah Newman – Kent 2016

“We loved the Avengers. They were on time and hassle free. Our whole meal and speeches were delayed so they could not get in to set up- they were relaxed and happy, setting up quickly once we had cleared the space and then they agreed to have a much smaller break between sets to still perform their 2 x 1 hours. They eased a potentially stressful situation with their calm and easy attitudes. The music was awesome- song choices were great and the dance floor was full all night- Awesome wedding band!”

Adam Waide – Bristol 2017


Booking options, line ups and pricing

The Avengers offer all sorts of booking options including acoustic line ups and bandeoke sets and they usually like to perform as a trio made up of vocals/guitar, bass/backing vocals and drums/backing vocals. They can add all sorts of musicians to their line up if you wish and with 15% off, you can book The Avengers from an amazing £600.



Southside Sparkle

If you like the sound of the 1920s, 1920s goes pop or have a themed wedding planned Southside Sparkle are for you. Even as a minimal trio, Southside Sparkle offer up the kind of vintage performance that’s hard to beat and even harder to forget!


COVID-19 friendly credentials

With members of Southside Sparkle also performing in our fabulous trio Encore you are guaranteed a live wedding band that understands how to perform during social distancing restrictions. Like all acts in this guide, they are small and compact meaning they can perform away from guests and staff and keep everyone safe.


Happy client reviews

Here’s what wedding couples say about Southside Sparkle. You can read all of our 528 happy client reviews here too!


“Great musicianship and well organised from start to finish. We all really enjoyed Southside Sparkle and didn’t want our night to end.”

Andrew McDermott – Brighton 2017

“We loved her voice in the video and live it was just as great. What a talented little group. They complimented my wedding perfectly.”

Laura Hunt – Winchester 2019


Booking options, line ups and pricing

Southside Sparkle can be booked as a monster 11-piece act but during lockdown, the trio option of female vocals, keys and double bass has been popular and convenient. They can add a whole host of musicians and perform indoors and outdoors fully acoustic or electric. Prices start from £1100 and you can book them right here with 15% off.



Being a solo wedding performer, Rae is our smallest act in today’s line up. Stunning sultry vocals and expert looping and acoustic guitar skills mean Rae brings far more to a performance than your standard acoustic solo artist usually does. Rae is perfect during any part of your wedding day.

COVID-19 friendly credentials

Being a solo artist and now very used to performing under lockdown rules, Rae is a safe pair of hands during a restricted wedding. Having a small amount of equipment means she is highly adaptable, fitting into literally any wedding situation whilst keeping everyone safe and making sure everyone is enjoying your wedding to the max.

Happy client reviews

Here’s what wedding couples say about Rae. You can read all of our 528 happy client reviews here too!


“Rae sang at our wedding reception. She was fantastic!! Everyone was saying how great she was and asking where we had found her! She was simply perfect in singing our first dance song also. A beautiful voice & tone for our wedding reception music. We couldn’t ask for more. Thanks so much everyone!”

Lisa James – Huddersfield 2018

“Excellent wedding reception singer, would totally recommend anyone to book her, was very flexible on the day. Played our song list and even did some requests, great voice! We got some really great feedback from our guests. Thank you so much!”

Martyn Gregory – Brighton 2017

Booking options, line ups and pricing

Rae can turn it up a notch by adding a percussionist/backing vocalist to her live set but also offers plenty of booking options as part of a flexible package designed especially for weddings during lockdown. Prices start from £500 and with 15% off, there’s no excuse not to have some fantastic live music at your small and fabulous wedding!


There’s plenty more choice of course


Some small and mighty live wedding bands I’m sure you’d agree! Of course, your wedding venue may allow a live wedding band that’s a little bit larger (like Good Fellas above) so check out our full roster of live wedding bands here. You’ll find bands in all shapes and sizes so there will be something for you. All live acts at Seventh Second take COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing very seriously so you’ll be in safe hands with any band you choose for your special day.

We’re doing more to help you during this tough time

We’ve been working hard during lockdown to help all of you as best we can. We’ve written a few guides for which we’ve received a tremendous response from couples all over the UK. We will continue to add and update guides for all of you seeking help and advice. You can view our current guides below.

Postponing your wedding and wedding entertainment

Cancelling your wedding band

My wedding band cancelled?!

Cancelling your wedding and wedding entertainment

Risk-free booking with our covid wedding entertainment cover and offers

We know you are struggling to organise your wedding and also live in the “new normal” so we’re also offering 15% off all 2021 and 2022 bookings which you can ask us about here. As part of our covid cover, we will never charge any extra fees for any booking postponed or rescheduled due to the pandemic. We’re also happy to roll deposits over to new dates if your wedding is postponed due to COVID-19. We’re sure this will help you like it has many of our other wedding couples that are feeling stressed and anxious during lockdown.

So there you have it, 7 amazing wedding bands that are ready and willing to bring some fun, music, dancing and laughter to your wedding. It’s hard, but stay positive with your wedding planning and before you know it, you will be married to the love of your life and this pandemic will be a thing of the past!

If you fancy hiring one of our lovely live wedding bands click here otherwise we are always here to help 7 days a week 10 am to 10 pm as we all muddle through this pandemic together.

Stay safe, look after each other and if you liked what you read please consider sharing it with others.


Jon and the Seventh Second team

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