Does The Band At My Wedding Need A Stage?

November 2020 | Matt Oats

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Does your live wedding band need a stage to perform for you?


Typically you don’t need to provide a stage for a live wedding band or wedding entertainers but renting a stage can enhance the look and performance of any live wedding entertainment you hire. Stages can be quite expensive to hire but some venues can provide stages as part of their booking packages or even at no cost, so it’s always worth checking your options.


To stage or to not stage?

Over the many years of us providing live wedding bands for weddings in all shapes and sizes around the UK and aboard, we’ve been asked many times about whether we needed a stage to perform on just like From the Top did above. In today’s guide, I’ll explain when your live wedding entertainment may need a stage, when they may not and if it’s worth getting hold of one at all.

Why you should hire a stage

Let’s start with why you should hire a stage for your lovely live wedding entertainment. Go on, spoil them…


The look

No musician is going to disagree with the fact that they look, sound and perform better with a stage. Imagine watching an artist headline Glastonbury without a great stage to perform on?! Yes, your wedding isn’t quite as big as Glastonbury but a stage always makes any live wedding band, wedding DJ or other entertainment look great and pretty cool. It’s that simple really!


A stage is a focal point


Following on nicely from my first point, stages offer a focal point for people to gather and dance around. Sounds obvious but if you do dream of a packed wedding dance floor with your live wedding band blasting out the tunes you love, a stage can really help bring everyone together and get them busting those shapes. A stage says “party time” to most people and will help get that dance floor rocking. Dance floors help a lot with this too so check out our guide all about whether you need one of those here.

Safe meet fun, fun meet safe

Stages offer extra safety for you and your wedding entertainment too. Ask any seasoned wedding musician or entertainer about the mishaps and accidents they’ve experienced when not performing on a stage and the list will be hilarious and quite long. Guests falling on them, stealing microphones, spilling drinks over them or their equipment and tripping over cables are just some of the stories you will hear. Stages pretty much stop that from occurring and also keep your guests safe from your entertainer’s electrical equipment, drinks and fun, flamboyant performances. You never want to witness a guest and lead singer crash into each other on the dance floor by mistake. Trust me on that one!

Covid-19 yey

I know we’re all sick to death of Covid-19 and government restrictions but they will be with us for some time sadly. Covid-19 itself will probably be part of our daily life for a long time so even if your wedding is in 2021 or 2022 a stage could be a great way to keep everyone socially distant and safe. We don’t know what future government regulations will be but we do know that a stage certainly helps everyone stay safe and have fun at a distance. Speaking of 2021 and 2022 weddings, why not check out this brilliant offer we have right now…


Enquire now to save 15% on any live wedding band booking for 2021 or 2022


Helping wedding couples during the pandemic

During these very tough times, we have been offering help and advice to wedding couples so they see rays of light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. As well as our booking offer above, we’ve written quite a few popular guides on Covid weddings and other associated issues which you can see below.


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The top 10 best wedding bands for 2021 and 2022!


We are also always here 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm to help and offer advice regarding your wedding entertainment worries, issues and concerns. Contact us via email, live chat, phone and text.


A sense of wedding occasion


Anyway back to the pros of having a stage at your wedding venue. Weddings are awesome and one of the highlights of yours and your guests lives. They are truly special occasions which we love to perform at in our wedding bands so why not add to the occasion with a stage? Stages can add a real touch of class, occasion and style to your wedding venue and will highlight just how brilliant your wedding entertainment is. It’s time to celebrate in style!


It’s great viewing, especially for the little people

Doesn’t it annoy you when you’re at a gig, wedding, party or other event and you can’t see the band for all the taller people standing in front of you? You just want to see the band perform! Well, a stage neatly solves that problem and so if you feel some of your guests may struggle to watch and enjoy your live wedding entertainments performance without the use of a stage, you may now have your answer on whether you need one or not!

Stage going cheap?

Many wedding venues can offer you use of a stage for free or at a reasonable price that can then be built into your wedding package. If that’s the case, why not get hold of that stage, especially if it’s free! As you can see, there are plenty of positives to having one so always ask your wedding venue about any stage they may have.

Why you shouldn’t hire a stage

Here’s why you shouldn’t have that stage set up in your wedding venue

The expense of a stage

Renting a stage can be expensive, even if it’s included in your wedding venues packages which can sometimes be the only way to have one at your wedding. A stage usually isn’t essential so why add the extra expense? We all know weddings are expensive so unless you love the pros of a stage, save yourself some money and spend it on an even better wedding band like Paper Boats above.

Wedding venue size

If your venue doesn’t rent stages it may be because they simply can’t fit a workable one in! We’ve performed on some very small stages (we’re talking 3×2 metres) and they are too small to be of any use and can actually be quite dangerous. Bigger stages are needed for wedding bands and entertainers to perform properly so check the dimensions of your venue as they may not even be able to fit one in for you. Wedding DJs can sometimes work with smaller stages but always ask any wedding entertainment you hire what stage size they need.

Making your wedding more complex??


Did you know that weddings are quite complex to organise and have some pretty full-on logistical demands? Who would have thought?! Why add the extra headache of renting a stage where a team has to then load it in, set it up and pack it down? Seems like it could all be a bit too much faff?

Cosy wedding or unique wedding theme

We get to perform in some stunningly cosy little wedding venues, rustic barn venues and other venues with unique looks, styles and themes and many of them just wouldn’t suit a stage. If the stage can be decorated or styled to suit your venue you could be on to a winner but otherwise a big cumbersome looking stage could ruin your carefully thought out wedding venues theme. It’s worth chatting to your venue about this as they will be the experts!

Is a stage really needed?

I’ve touched on this before but when it comes down to it, live wedding bands, wedding DJs and entertainers don’t depend on stages to perform. You will still get a great performance out of them with your guests singing their praises just like people do with our wedding band Good Fellas (above) who have a tonne of amazing reviews with most coming from weddings with no stage in sight. Something to think about anyway as that money you were going to spend on renting a stage could be instead used for some extra wedding treats perhaps??

Marquee and outdoor weddings


It’s worth mentioning outdoor and marquee weddings now that we’re done with the pros and cons of having a stage in a wedding venue.
On the whole, it’s always a good idea to hire a stage for an outdoor or marquee wedding. Uneven or wet floors plus other safety concerns associated with these kinds of weddings are some of the reasons it’s a good idea to hire one. In my experience, they are pretty much essential! You can read all about whether live wedding bands can perform at marquee weddings in our popular guide here.

What do us wedding musicians here at Seventh Second think about stages?

Well, we won’t lie. We love a good wedding stage. They are great to perform on and can really add something to a performance and a wedding crowds enjoyment. We never suggest couples pay too much to rent one though and if they can get hold of one for free we always say go for it. If you don’t mind the possible extra expense and crucially, if the stage is big enough for your wedding entertainment, we’d always say get it hired and reap the rewards.

That’s it for today’s guide and so I hope it’s helped you decide if you want a stage at your wedding or not. Either way, I’m sure you’re wedding will be fantastic and after the year we’ve all had it will be all the better and more memorable. Comments and questions are always welcome via text, live chat, phone and email and if you enjoyed what you read today or know someone whos planing their wedding please consider sharing.


Have a fantastic wedding and thanks for reading!

Matt and the boys and girls at Seventh Second.

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