Seventh Second’s Last Minute Musicians To The Rescue!

April 2021 | Jon Stephens

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Seventh Second’s last minute musicians for hire are here to save the day!


Last minute musicians make up live bands for hire that are ready at a moments notice to help you when your current live band for whatever reason cannot make your wedding, party or function. Last minute musicians are the help you need in a time of crisis!


Don’t panic, Seventh Second are here to help


I know it’s a highly stressful and uncertain time when your function, party or wedding band cancels on you so close to your event. Do not panic however as after 15 years of providing and performing in live bands, we are very experienced, highly adaptable and uniquely effective in dealing with these situations here at Seventh Second.

Contact us now, if you need help urgently, however below I will go into more detail on our last minute entertainment, how we help you and show you some fantastic bands that are well versed in the art of last minute performances. Below I’ve put links to our dedicated last minute musicians page plus a link so you can skip straight to the musicians ready to help you right now! We are here 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm via phone, email, text and live chat to help you have the event you’d always planned!


Last minute musicians page

Our pick of the last minute bands


Who are Seventh Seconds last minute musicians?

Because we perform in the bands you see on our website and we also run the website itself, we are in a unique position to offer up genuine last-minute musicians at, well… the last minute. Our last minute entertainers make up all of our bands but most notably our wedding bands as most people need wedding bands more than any other type of band last minute. All our acts carry up to date PLI and PAT certificates so even at the very last minute, they are able to perform in any venue, any time.


Why we are last minute entertainment experts

Seventh Second was founded by a large group of musicians who studied together and became firm friends and colleagues whilst performing at all sorts of events. You can learn more about us and our unique approach hereAs we grew and performed at more and more fantastic weddings, parties and corporate events, we realised we could help people like you needing last minute musicians like no other agency out there can…

Our unique double-barrelled approach

Nothing about our setup in the early days has changed with our musical family having only grown larger, more experienced and professional. This means that when you need a last minute wedding band, party act or function band we can almost instantly find out which bands are free for you and unlike any other wedding entertainment agency out there, take any available musicians from our musical family and design you a bespoke band asap and at no extra cost. Because we are such a close family of musicians, we can mobilise quickly and adapt to any event meaning we have a high success rate at sourcing last minute musicians and bands for you. It seems we were destined to rescue people like you from musical emergencies!


Reassurance, security and support 24/7


Regardless of whether your booking is last minute or not, all our live bands come with extensive, comprehensive legally binding contracts that protect both you and the band for all eventualities. Booking with us is booking with confidence and you can view the finer details here, read our FAQ section, check out our covid cover or speak to us directly for more details. 

Support every step of the way

With any booking, we also offer 24/7 support and our large pool of musicians have been known to help sort even the most pressing of musical nightmares! We are also open 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm via phone, text, live chat and email. You can also find us on all the usual social channels so regardless of the emergency, we are here!

Some stellar last minute musicians

Let me now introduce you to some stellar last minute musicians. Whether you have a wedding, party or corporate event in dire need of a live band, the acts below have vast experience in this field. Like all our last minute musicians, they are highly adaptable to your needs, can muster at a moments notice and provide all the live entertainment you want and deserve. Performing indoors or outdoors, in any line up you wish, you will not be disappointed with these last minute entertainers! If you fancy, click on any band name below to be whisked straight to their section in the guide and click on their name above their videos to view their unique profile page.


Paper Boats – folk festival delights

Electric Jukebox – up-tempo all-male trio

League of Gentlemen – rock and pop pros

Flair – big band brilliance

Valeria – stunning harpist

The Avengers – funky wedding pros

Carolina – beautiful wedding pianist and singer

The Usual Suspects – fun time all-male trio

Southside Sparkle – 1920s goes pop glitz and glam

Meraki Jazz Collective – sultry jazz collective



Paper Boats

Paper Boats offer up all the folk festival, bluegrass, pop, rock, indie and motown hits you love in their teeny 3 piece or larger 4,5,6 and 7 piece line ups. Full of professional, full-time multi-instrumentalists, they can line up in all sorts of combinations creating the perfect entertainment for you and your guests all night long! They have a tonne of booking options and great prices to boot which probably explains why they are so popular with partygoers all year round.

What are their last minute musician credentials?

Music is the full-time gig in Paper Boats plus they can mix and match their line up meaning they are pretty much always available for some last minute performing! They have come to the last minute rescue many times and understand how flexibility is a big part of being a last minute musician and great live band too.


Last minute client review


“Really impressed and very pleased with Paper boats. They were very friendly and professional. This took a huge amount of pressure off me and made the evening and dance flow very well. They were very organised prior to the wedding and easy going. They played so well we would definitely recommend!”

Amanda Gomez – Wedding, 2019


Electric Jukebox

Want some electrifying live performances at your wedding, party or event? Electric Jukebox are your band then! This compact trio perform all sorts of tunes that are guaranteed to get everyone on that dance floor. The passion and love of performing is for all to see with this band and you will be left with a big smile on your face as they perform one last song for you at the end of your night. A small but mighty live band!

What are their last minute musician credentials?

Made up of three full-time musicians who are best mates means availability is always pretty good with Electric Jukebox. They love to perform and do so in a very minimal and compact way meaning they can fit into all sorts of venues (including tiny ones) and get to them quicker than most. They are ready when you need them.


Last minute client review


“We were blessed to have them at our wedding, incredible musicians and really know how to work a crowd. The dance floor was packed all night and it made it even more special having the band learn and play our special song. Don’t think about it, just hire them, you won’t be disappointed.”

Jenna Hunter – Wedding, 2019





League of Gentlemen

League of Gentlemen have been there and done it in the gigging world. They’ve encountered every issue, hiccup, disaster and setback a live event can throw at them and despite it all, they’ve brought their A-game and infectious brand of pop, rock, indie, funk and motown music to all music lovers out there. One of our most experienced and popular rock and pop wedding bands by some way, League of Gentlemen will blast your event into the musical stratosphere!

What are their last minute musician credentials?

The League of Gentlemen are a super talented, popular and experienced band for hire. Over the years they have performed at many last minute weddings, parties and functions. You are in very safe hands with these guys as they understand the stress band cancellations can cause you. That’s why they always bend over backwards to deliver the event you wanted regardless of the time constraints.


Last minute client review


“We just wanted to say what a fabulous job The League of Gentlemen did last Saturday night. It pressed all the right buttons, everybody was up dancing all night (apologies for the standard of our singing!). The band really knows how to rock (and roll when required). We have received nothing but compliments from everyone who was there, with the best comment being “the perfect wedding band”. You made the evening go with a bang, so many thanks to you all.”

Richard and Barbara Green – Wedding, 2016






Flair are the big band you need to book. An electrifying live show full of fantastic musicians, amazing stagecraft and two lead singers who belt the tunes out and get you all involved in the fun are on the cards with this expert events band. If you want your wedding, party or event taken to the next level with your guests left open-mouthed, Flair are a band you really should consider booking!


What are their last minute musician credentials?

Flair have been there and done it and know the function circuit inside out. Being consummate professionals with many musicians in their line up, Flair are able to put together all sorts of line ups very last minute. Similar to Seventh Second as a whole, when you need to hire a live band asap, they can pool their musicians together and get the job done!

Last minute client review


“We would like to thank Flair so much for their performance, professionalism and ease with which everything was sorted. They were an amazing band and we hand many compliments for their performance so thank you.”

Georgie and Tom Wolfenden – Wedding, 2019






Valeria is one of the finest harpists based in London and the UK right now. She can regularly be seen performing at the finest venues, hotels and events this country and especially London has to offer and with her extended lineup options including a flautist or violinist, she really can offer the background music you’ve been searching for. With her excellent customer service, obvious talent and flexible repertoire, she has impressed so much that many of us here at Seventh Second have booked her for our weddings!


What are her last minute musician credentials?

Valeria is a full time and highly professional harpist who specialises in performing all over the UK and world. This quite simply means she has plenty of availability plus being a solo performer means she can head out that door at a moments notice and make her way to your event saving the day like we love to do here at Seventh Second!

Last minute client review


“Valeria was perfect for our wedding reception. She was really nice and easy to deal with and her harp looked and sounded amazing in the church!”

Rob Baxter – Wedding, 2019





The Avengers

Avengers are some very talented musicians and with so many gigs under their belt, have that experience that every event planner wishes for. Perfect for all sorts of occasions they offer up a varied set of funk, pop, rock, motown, indie and soul that’s all about getting people dancing and singing away. Like all acts today, they offer loads of booking and line up options so whatever you want from your live entertainment, they deliver.

What are their last minute musician credentials?

Another incredibly experienced at, The Avengers have been performing for lovely people like yourself for years and have plenty of last minute gig experience under their belts. They’re also a very compact little trio with minimal equipment meaning they can easily travel and fit into any venue last minute. Yipee!


Last minute client review


“Thank you so much for last Saturday, our guests really enjoyed themselves and really appreciated some of you getting on the dance floor with us. Sorry for not getting a chance to speak with you on the night, we were obviously too busy dancing! I loved my wedding band!”

Josie and Ricky Nicastro – Wedding, 2019




Carolina has dedicated her life to performing her soulful and emotive vocal and piano-led music at weddings, parties and events for years. It’s her true calling and she loves to mould her talents around your event so every moment she performs is a moment you’ll savour for years to come. Her glowing reviews say it so much better than I can so make sure to check them out!


What are her last minute musician credentials?

Being a solo pianist and singer, you don’t get much more flexible or adaptable than Carolina. She’s a hard-working and truly dedicated musician who will do everything to make sure you stay stress-free and love your wedding, event or party to the max. You won’t find a lovelier solo musician to light up your day either!

Last minute client review


“Carolina is professional and beautiful both vocally and in person. She went above and beyond during her performance at our wedding. Our guests were so impressed. She added a level of magic to our day that I’d be surprised if many other performers could have done as easily as she did. Thank you Carolina from the bottom of our hearts. You were everything we wanted and so much more. Our guests were blown away with your performance during our meal and our first dance was just beautiful. We will keep our eyes peeled and look to come and watch you perform at one of your public events.”

Lauren Nass – Wedding, 2017





The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects bend over backwards to make sure you love their live show and quite simply have the best night of your lives! Their wide-ranging live set is tailored for everyone to fall in love with and their power trio lineup of guitar, bass, drums and lead male vocals from all three members sounds full and powerful despite their tiny size. A live band for the masses who love to perform and love to see you dance yourself silly!


What are their last minute musician credentials?

The members of the Usual Suspects jumped straight onto the gig circuit after collecting their degrees in music. From there on out, they racked up the gigging miles and are now one of our most adaptable and experienced three-piece outfits. They will not let you down and with such a varied repertoire, even last minute, they will be able to put together a setlist for you and your guests that you will simply love!


Last minute client review


“Just a quick email to say that the Usual Suspects were absolutely amazing. All of our guests had a great time and they loved the wedding band. I had loads of people that want their contact details!”

Sarah and Steve Smith – Wedding, 2018





Southside Sparkle

Invite this 1920s goes pop band into your event and prepare for a visual and audio experience like no other! A stunning outfit, Southside Sparkle come in all shapes and sizes and have all the tunes you love on offer. Combine that with the sounds and style of the 1920s and you have one unique live outfit that’s perfect for themed weddings, parties and events. Wow yourself and your guests with this glitzy and glamorous live band.


What are their last minute musician credentials?

Members of Southside Sparkle have been wowing London crowds for many years now and are well versed in the hectic world of the London gig scene and last minute shows. Like almost all the musicians here at Seventh Second, they are full-time professional musicians meaning they are ready to perform wherever and whenever.


Last minute client review


“Southside Sparkle played for us in February and were absolutely amazing! They were professional, sounded great and got everyone on the dance floor… even my 85 year old gran couldn’t resist! Thank you for doing such a great job!”

Alex Hall – Party, 2015


Meraki Jazz Collective

Jazz in all its forms is stunning and the Meraki Jazz Collective with their wide range of songs, styles and line ups cover all those forms and then some. Young, talented and always wanting to share the love of jazz with anyone and everyone, they are perfect for weddings, parties and events. They will light up your event and always strive to perform exactly what you want, creating the atmosphere you always dreamed of for you event.


What are their last minute musician credentials?

Flexible, adaptable, affordable and always willing to go the extra mile for any client, the Meraki Jazz Collective are there for you in your time of need. They don’t need much equipment or space to perform and have a huge repertoire meaning they can accommodate all you and your guest’s tastes.


Last minute client review


“Watching Jennifer sing and the rest of the band perform was particularly mesmerising – they have a unique charm and passion on stage and Jennifer has such a wonderfully expressive voice.”

Sandy Thomas – Function, 2019


Let us help you with your last minute musician worries!

Well, I hope you’re feeling a little calmer and reassured now. We really can help with those last minute headaches you have. Providing and performing in live bands for people at the last minute is some of the most rewarding work we get to do. We love to put a smile back on your face with a great live band rocking your wedding, party or function and as mentioned, we are open pretty much all the time so come and speak to us. It’s time to celebrate (last minute) with Seventh Second!

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We spend a lot of time making our blog posts the best we can for you so if you liked what you read please consider sharing it with others, especially if a band has let them down last minute.


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