One Simple Trick To Make Sure Your Wedding Isn’t Boring!

May 2023 | Jon Stephens

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Worried your wedding is going to be boring? Struggling to decide how to keep your guests entertained? Here’s my one simple trick to make sure your wedding isn’t boring in 2023 or 2024!



There are various forms of entertainment you can hire and wedding games you can plan and prepare to ensure your friends and family have a really fun experience at your wedding but these can often add more work to your already busy wedding schedule! The simplest and most effective way to make sure your wedding isn’t boring is by hiring a live wedding band and/or solo or duo wedding performers and I explain why below…


The one simple trick to avoiding that boring wedding

Yep! That’s right, amazing solo and duo wedding performers and/or live wedding bands for hire (like Flair Twelve above) are by far, the simplest and most effective way of getting your guests excited about your wedding and partying to the max. Watching, dancing, and singing along to live music, especially talented solo or duo performers during the day and full-blown, live bands in the evening is a real treat and adds an extra sense of occasion and uniqueness to any wedding. 


What’s in today’s guide?

Today I’ll start by listing all the other common types of wedding entertainment out there and then explain why live entertainment trumps them all!  Along the way, I will show you some fantastic and award-winning examples of live wedding bands, plus some amazing solo and duo performers so by the end of this guide, you will know exactly how to make sure your wedding is anything but boring!


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Different forms of wedding entertainment

Nowadays there are so many great options when it comes to wedding entertainment and some of them will be perfect for your own wedding, keeping it from ever getting boring. Like many of us here at Seventh Second, I’ve been performing in our bands for over 10 years and I’ve seen all the different forms of wedding entertainment there are. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t, and it depends on many factors. However, here’s a list of some of the best wedding entertainment on offer outside of live bands and artists.


  1. Arcade games
  2. Face painting
  3. Board games (including huge adult-sized ones)
  4. Disposable cameras
  5. Photo booths
  6. Photographers
  7. Glitter bar
  8. Singing waiters
  9. Palm readers
  10. Playground rides
  11. Fire breathers
  12. Balloon modelers
  13. Magicians
  14. Mentalists
  15. Comedy and meet and mingle acts
  16. Look a likes
  17. Caricaturists
  18. Virtual entertainment, for example, magic mirrors
  19. Group games and quizzes, for example, Mr and Mrs


You also have much larger forms of wedding entertainment including

  1. Street entertainers
  2. Celebrity guests
  3. Bouncy castles
  4. Stilt walkers
  5. Mini casino
  6. Mini Golf
  7. Fairground rides
  8. Living statues
  9. Dance troops
  10. Circus entertainers
  11. Quirky and alternative wedding venues
  12. Fireworks


The choices are almost endless when it comes to wedding entertainment! It can get a bit daunting trying to decide what your wedding venue could accommodate, what you can afford, and what your guests would enjoy. What if there are going to be children at your wedding too? How do you keep them occupied? I’ll get onto that soon…

Weddings? Oh, they are easy to organise, aren’t they…

Said no one ever! Weddings are complex to organise and pretty busy affairs on the day. The day goes so fast that most couples wish they had kept their day a little bit simpler and enjoyed more quality time with friends and family. We hear it a lot here at Seventh Second and it makes total sense. You want everyone including yourself to have fun and never be bored, but you also want to be able to have time to enjoy and savor your wedding!

Entertainment for everyone?

There are so many great wedding entertainment options out there and for many, they perfectly complement their wedding theme but are they for you and your guests? Are they going to entertain all your guests and how long will they entertain for? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? Not all at? How many different photo booths or jugglers or look-a-likes do you hire? Who knows? It could just end up being a big waste of money, an unnecessary hassle, and clutter up your busy day and beautifully decorated wedding venue. No thanks!


So, the one simple trick to making sure your wedding isn’t boring in 2023 or 2024 is…


A live band or solo/duo performer! Apart from being a lot simpler to organise, here are 10 other reasons why live wedding bands and wedding performers should be at the top of your wedding entertainment list! I’m sure I can convince all of you skeptics out there so let’s start with what can be a biggie, entertaining children at weddings…

1. Entertaining children at weddings

Many weddings I perform at have plenty of children in attendance and they need to be entertained too! Highlighted in my lists above are forms of entertainment kids love at weddings but can you guess what they usually love the most?

Children love live music!

Any live wedding band or wedding solo performer has a guaranteed audience if children are at a wedding. They love everything about live acts including watching them set up all their cool, shiny equipment, sound checking it, and making all those cool sounds with all those stage lights flashing away plus they always desperately want to know what time the band are on and what they will play. “Can you play the song from Frozen? Pleeeease!”

Children make the best dancers

Children are always the first on that dance floor too, pulling the best dance moves anyone will see that day. Their enthusiasm for live music, dancing, and the total fascination they display when watching live musicians perform and stage lights flashing away never gets old and really kickstarts any wedding. With children entertained, your wedding won’t be dull!


 2. Live music entertainment all day long

Live music can stop any part of your wedding from becoming boring with wedding ceremony solo and duo specialists like Rae (above) and Cadence (below) performing during any part of a wedding, even the wedding breakfast or outside while your guests enjoy drinks and a mingle. Check out more of our acoustic and solo and duo wedding acts here!


One live wedding band for all your entertainment needs

In fact, our in-demand wedding band, Electric Jukebox (above) have performed many stripped-down acoustic sets during wedding ceremonies, afternoon drinks, and wedding breakfasts and it’s gone down a storm with wedding guests! When they then witness that same band turning it up and rocking out later in the evening it’s just a sight to behold. With all our wedding bands and I imagine some other wedding bands out there offering similar booking options, you’re onto a winner! Live bands and performers can keep your wedding guests entertained all day and all night if you want. Isn’t that a weight off your wedding planning mind?

Live music starts the party!

I mentioned this in my guide on whether you need a live band at your wedding and I’ll mention it again as it’s so true. Live music starts the party! Anyone who walks into a wedding venue after enjoying the wedding ceremony and notices that a band is all set up and ready to rock knows there’s going to be fun, frolics, and serious partying later. It’s as simple as that, your guests will be getting excited in anticipation alone!

3. Live music at a wedding is a group experience

Nothing brings together a whole wedding party like a live wedding band. That magician you hired is great but he can only entertain a handful of your guests at a time. A great wedding band that really knows how to perform as Flair Six (below) do, can have hundreds of people so entertained that they won’t even remember what the word bored means! Look at the huge groups of wedding guests having the time of their lives in League of Gentlemen’s live wedding footage video above!



4. Who doesn’t love a bit of dancing, singing, and watching great live entertainment?

Live wedding bands are great entertainment for so many reasons, there’s literally something for everyone to be entertained by. Love to sing? You can do that. Love to dance? You can do that. Love to chat away and enjoy a bands performance from afar or by the side of the dance floor? You can even do that! Feel like you need to sit down, have a break, or get a drink? Don’t worry, there’s that live wedding band keeping you entertained with great music throughout. That brings me nicely onto point number 5 actually.


5. Let your wedding hair down

All the musicians at Seventh Second see it week in and week out at weddings they perform at. I do! The live music starts and people let the shackles off, relax and smile. It’s party time and time to let loose and burn off some of that tasty wedding breakfast with a dance and a laugh. As guests relax, they get mingling and make new friends and who could be bored meeting fun new people and comparing outrageous dance moves along to a top-class live wedding band?!


6. The best way to celebrate with your guests

Professional and award-winning live wedding bands like Party Republic (above) have a whole host of tricks up their sleeve to get any wedding party involved and dancing bringing you and your guests together like no other wedding entertainment can. Your first dance is a great example of that but imagine group singalongs, conga lines, live band karaoke, group dance-offs, or your whole wedding party dancing around you both and celebrating your perfect day. You’ll never have a boring wedding with a live band performing. Read our special showcase on Party Republic here and find out how dedicated they are to banishing boredom from any wedding!


7. Schedule the fun!

You may have a busy wedding planned and over a long day that is immense fun but also tiring for everyone. A tired wedding guest can become a bored wedding guest. Live wedding bands usually schedule their performance times with you and because they perform for at least 2 hours you and your guests can get excited about their upcoming performances and have plenty of time during the evening to take a quick breather and relax before hitting the dance floor again for some unbridled fun! Read our guide all about how long live wedding bands perform for  there are some must-have tips and tricks in there!

 8. Fun with your wedding band for hire

Who doesn’t love music? Who doesn’t love live music and being part of a live show? Live wedding bands offer all this and are super keen to interact and get everyone involved in the fun. I’ve seen initially hesitant, bored-looking wedding guests become so excited, involved, and happy because a live wedding band and excited, dancing wedding guests around them have encouraged them to have some fun! Once you have a few bored or tired guests converted, all your other guests will be on that dance floor in no time because they don’t want to miss out. That’s not a boring wedding for sure!


9. Let’s get silly


Be silly, have fun, live life, and love your wedding! We took this picture at a wedding I performed at some years back and these two say it all! You can hire fun inflatable instruments and microphones so while your live wedding band is performing, you can join in. We’ve had people on stage with us miming, singing with us, we’ve seen crowd surfing, we’ve seen the lot! Wedding guests love it whether they are involved or watching from the side. You can always go one step further and blow boredom out the window for good…


10. Wedding bandeoke and silent discos

Karaoke but with a live band providing the music while you sing at the top of your voice? Yes please! Booking a bandeoke set with your live wedding band is the perfect way to keep your wedding fun, vibrant, and very far from boring! Guests love the interaction and fun of live karaoke and with a professional band providing the equipment and music, you can’t go wrong. Most of our wedding bands offer this service as well as many other booking options (as shown below) so enquire to find out more. It could be just what your wedding needs! Wedding bands like ours are also happy to curate and run silent discos and they can be fantastic fun for all too.




Still not quite sold on the idea of a live wedding band or performer?

Not quite convinced that a live wedding band or solo performer is the only entertainment you need to stop your wedding from becoming a bore-fest? Well, maybe some real wedding reviews will help with that.


“We just wanted to thank you again for such an amazing night. You guys honestly blew us away and totally exceeded our expectations.”

Laura Willow – Wedding, London, 2020

“Royal Flush were incredible. I had a ball and so did my guests. The dance floor was packed from start to finish. I didn’t want the party to end.”

Sheila Durst – Wedding, London, 2019

“Playback were absolutely phenomenal for the 3 sets they played at our wedding. They were so upbeat and got everyone dancing and having the most amazing time. They are also the nicest guys and took time to make sure that they were playing songs from their repertoire that they knew we loved. To cap it all they also agreed to play our first dance even though it was outside their repertoire and needed to learn it – all for no extra charge. They gave us the best party and we can’t fault them at all!”

Chris and Selina Amberson – Wedding, Brighton, 2019

“I hope you don’t mind me dropping you guys and email but I just had to send a message to say a MASSIVE thank you for an amazing evening on Friday! You guys were absolutely amazing and made the wedding the fantastic day that it was! We are such a live music bunch and you really were the cherry on the cake! You made the set really personalised and catered for all music tastes! Everyone has commented on how brilliant you guys were and my 93 year old grandfather is still saying how brilliant you were and I have had to find him your website to play a few more of your tracks! Thanks again for all your hard work and for making the day extra special.”

Katie and Dan Crook – Wedding, Leicester, 2019


You can check out all our other glowing newlywed reviews here too.


What I see at weddings

I’ve performed at more weddings than most and on a personal level, I can’t count the number of times wedding couples and their guests have come up to me at the end of our performance glowing and chatting away about how fantastic we were and how much fun and entertainment we brought to the whole wedding. 


No regrets with our newlyweds


Many newlywed couples have spoken about how nervous they felt when hiring only a live band for their wedding entertainment but how they didn’t regret a thing afterward! They have been so thankful for our hard work and talent in bringing a whole wedding party together for a whole day’s fun and with no boredom in sight. A great wedding band, wherever you hire them, can do this for you. Hearing this feedback really means a lot to wedding musicians like myself and reminds me why we do this. A great live wedding band really is the cure for all wedding boredom! Read all about wedding bands here if you want to know why you need one at your wedding!

Thank you for reading

I hope you enjoyed my guide today and now have the ultimate plan for making sure your wedding is far from boring. All forms of wedding entertainment are fantastic but it’s hard to think of a simpler or more effective form of live wedding entertainment than your trusty wedding music band. A live band also adds a sense of occasion, a touch of class, provides you with fantastic photo opportunities, romance all night (especially during a first or last dance), and gets people who don’t like dancing or fun, having fun! A live wedding band is your one-stop shop for all the fun you could ever need!

Keep your wedding simple and fun

If you do decide to combine a live band with other forms of wedding entertainment, keep them small and simple to ensure you have a fantastic and less stressful wedding. Who wouldn’t want that? Before I go, if you enjoyed what you read today or know someone who needs a fun-filled wedding, please consider sharing my guide, and don’t forget that we are currently offering 15% off any 2023 and 2o24 wedding booking right now!

Thank you again for taking the time to read my guide and if you need any help, have a question, or want to enquire about any of our fantastic live wedding acts enquire here or simply contact us. We’re here 7 days a week, 10am to 10pm via phone, text, the usual social channels, email, or live chat to help design your perfect wedding and bring the fun!

I wish you a truly memorable, fun, and boredom-free wedding!

Jon and the Seventh Second Team

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