7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Picking A Live Wedding Band

June 2020 | Matt Oats

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The 7 essential questions you should ask yourself before picking any wedding band



There’s no doubt it’s loads of fun picking all the different suppliers for your wedding but before you hire a live wedding band, there are 7 essential questions you should ask yourself. Taking my 15 years of experience in the wedding industry, I’ve compiled what are 7 simple but crucial questions so you can pick the perfect live band for your wedding!


Only 7 questions for picking a live wedding band?

Could I have not come up with loads more questions? Well, we do have a popular guide here that goes through every conceivable question you should be asking once you’ve picked a live wedding band. It’s a pretty chunky guide with a lot of information so I decided that this guide would

a) Be all about helping you while you are still trying to pick a band

b) Would solely focus on the essential questions and not every conceivable question


Here are the 7 questions I’ll go through


  1. What’s your wedding theme and will your live band suit it?
  2. Do you have a clear budget in mind when picking a wedding band?
  3. Can your venue accommodate the band you want to hire?
  4. Do you want a wedding DJ too?
  5. What live wedding band would your guests pick?
  6. Should you pick and hire more than one wedding act?
  7. Should you hire a niche or bespoke wedding band?


Less is more?

I wanted to keep this guide leaner and meaner when compared to our monster guide because it’s just information overload otherwise! This is a guide that will give you all the help you need but quickly and in more easily digestible chunks. Less is more sometimes! If once you’ve read this, you feel like you want more information, I really recommend you read the above guide or contact us, obligation free, 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm.


Picking a live wedding band infographic

 Yep, that’s right, I’ve gone and made an infographic for you all too. You can’t get clearer than that! After you’ve had a good look at it, carry on with my 7 key questions in more detail…




Question 1: What’s your wedding theme? 

I’m sure this is already a huge part of your wedding planning, but your wedding theme is also hugely relevant when picking a live band. Suave and sophisticated or riotous festival style wedding perhaps? If you are designing a wedding anything like this or like anything else in between for that matter, you want to make sure all your wedding music and your live band fits into your carefully styled theme.


The wedding music band choices are almost endless! 

When it comes to live wedding music, there are so many different types of live wedding band out there so you can easily pick a band that will suit your theme or themes and perfectly complement your special day.  You can also easily pick a live band that won’t suit your wedding theme at all and this is mostly down to wedding entertainment websites selling you the wrong band. They can’t always help it as unlike us, they don’t perform in the bands you see on their website so they don’t always know what’s suitable for you.


Some of your live wedding music choices


On two ends of the wedding band spectrum, we have Southside Sparkle (above) who will add a glamourous splash of vintage 1920’s wedding music and Stan Darsh who deliver an uncompromising festival style rave to any wedding. Established live wedding bands like Good Fellas and The Usual Suspects bring a fantastically varied live show that seamlessly fits into any wedding theme and gets any guest and their dog up on that dancefloor!


There’s more oh yer!


If you and your guests like all the hits performed with a slightly rockier edge, all-male, 4 piece band League of Gentlemen are the live wedding band for you but conversely if you want great wedding music performed with big band flair and blistering female vocals you can’t go far wrong with From the Top (above).

If you are after the softer side of the wedding music spectrum, Latin Corner and Cadence are perfect and if you want an in-depth look at all the different styles of wedding band on offer, have a read of our fantastic guide here.


Question 2: What’s your ideal wedding entertainment budget? 

I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of how much your wedding will cost so having a good idea of how much you can or want to spend on your wedding band is a crucial question to ask yourself. Hiring a good quality live wedding band can start from as little as £500 and go right up to £8000 or more.


Show me the bottom line


Fantastic do it all wedding bands like The Avengers will get everyone on the dancefloor from £600 upwards while 4-piece, in-demand all-round music masters Playback are available from £1200.

With their specially tailored Swing, Ratpack and Soul wedding music set, Night and Day (above) add stylish sophistication to any wedding from £1000 and our vibrant 3 to 13-piece monster wedding band Flair will blow you and your wedding guests away from £3450 with their popular 6 piece option. Why not check out our in-depth big little guide to wedding bands for loads more great ideas and insight.


Be realistic and you will reap the rewards! 

With over 60% of weddings going over budget, have a good idea of what you want to and can spend before you start looking and make sure to be realistic about what kind of band is suitable. I would never suggest or recommend booking a 13-piece act like Flair just because they are super stylishly massive unless I knew they could fit into your venue, perform properly for you and were suitable. Our ground-breaking study on how much wedding bands cost is a must-read by the way!


The Seventh Second way 

Make sure that with any band you book, all extra fees, deposits and any hidden fees are listed in the final price so you don’t get any nasty surprises! Here at Seventh Second, any quotes we give you for our wedding bands are the full and final ones. No hidden fees or sneaky expenses and we think that’s how it should be for every live wedding band out there.

If you are on a strict budget or struggling to afford the live wedding band you want, why not ask about possible freebies, smaller band line-ups, shorter live sets, seasonal discounts or special offers? You will probably want to read our guide on how to save money on a wedding band too.


Question 3: Can your venue accommodate the wedding band you are thinking of picking?



Question 3 is an important one as there isn’t much point in booking that stupendously good wedding music band if your venue can’t accommodate them so before booking any band, check if your venue has any sound, space or other limitations which could hinder live music being performed. Sound limiters are the big one…


Sounds limiters yey!

Very common in all sorts of venues nowadays are sound limiters. These systems are there to restrict the level of noise produced in a venue at all times. They punish noisy bands (or even noisy wedding guests) by cutting the power and lights for 10 to 20 seconds, cutting them off completely or compressing and so lowering a wedding bands volume through their PA system. A bit party adverse right? 

If your venue has one of these systems and its decibel limit is below 95db, pretty much all live wedding bands apart from acoustic ones such as Acoustic Captain or Brilliant Corners are really going to struggle to perform for you.


Question 4: Do you want a wedding DJ too?



Question 4 time. My guide on wedding DJ or live band really digs deep into this topic and will leave you in no doubt but maybe you do want a DJ as well as a live wedding band, or shock horror, maybe deep down you just want a DJ? Both have different entertainment on offer so check our guide out before you book!


Pick both if you can 

I don’t want to spoil the ending of my wedding DJ vs wedding band guide but if you can stretch your budget to have both, everyone here at Seventh Second wholly endorses it! You will have a fabulous wedding party and if it is a bit too expensive, don’t worry, almost all our wedding bands offer a DJ’ing service for free. Ask us all about it.


Question 5: What would your wedding guests pick?

I know it’s your wedding and you are splashing the big bucks but trust me when I say that over the 15 odd years I’ve been performing at weddings, the best ones, the ones with glowing bride and grooms, proud parents and guests that just couldn’t stop partying are the ones where wedding music was picked because it would entertain everyone. Being part of a wedding where everyone is having a fantastic time is truly amazing. When we have the time, everyone at Seventh Second heads to the pub and talks about how fun it was to be a part of all those people’s special days.


A happy wedding is a memorable wedding

We speak to so many couples who just want to make sure the band they pick will make everyone happy and get everyone dancing at some point. Check out our real wedding testimonials for hundreds of lovely tales of wedding bliss.


Here are some real wedding crowd-pleasers…


Three stand out wedding bands that consistently amaze a wide range of guests and have the art of jump-starting a wedding party down to a tee are Good FellasStan Darsh (above) and The Usual Suspects. These acts are the perfect starting point when you start your search for a live band that performs wedding music that will entertain you, your family and friends all night.


Let’s make your wedding the best wedding it can be

So, with all my above waffle in mind, when picking a live wedding band, take a moment to think about what all your friends and family would enjoy too. It could mean your wedding smashes all your expectations and that’s what we all we strive for here at Seventh Second. It means we have great memories too!

They do travel all over the world and UK to entertain, so you could check out our guide on our London wedding bands that guarantee a packed dancefloor. Those bands won’t let you down either.


Question 6: More than one live wedding band?

Sometimes one isn’t enough ey? Maybe you’ve picked a great live wedding band for the evening’s shenanigans but they can’t quite accommodate all your wedding music requirements? Maybe you still really want some early evening entertainment, some live wedding reception music or ceremony ambience?  

Well, as a matter of fact, I do!


Well, one way to fix this with budget permitting is to book two live wedding bands. Many like Southside Sparkle (above) and Flowers excel at performing wedding reception music, atmospheric drinks reception renditions or wedding breakfast tunes. Booking them alongside your evening wedding band could be the perfect way to go. It means every musical base is covered for your wedding in a nice simple way.


It’s a bit pricey


If your budget can’t quite stretch that far, solo artists like Rae (above) or duos like Cadence are a slightly more affordable way to enjoy some wedding reception music. Artists like Rae or Cadence really can deliver all the wedding music you could want during the day or early evening and with many of our other bands offering similar solo and duo acoustic sets, there’s more choice than you can shake a stick at.


The Seventh Second way part 2

However, most Seventh Second acts like Blue Eclectic and Captain Obvious can always play the part of an all guns blazing evening wedding band and intimate acoustic solo, duo or trip act during the daytime too. If your wedding budget is running low this is an excellent and very popular option. Many of our wedding bands have years of experience moonlighting as daytime wedding ceremony bands or evening live wedding bands so you are in safe hands! Our acts can do it all so have a chat with us as we can usually get some great deals for all you couples out there.


Question 7: Should I go niche or bespoke?

Good memories come from good times and we know picking the right live wedding band is an important ingredient of your wedding. Question 7 is something you may not have to ask yourself but if you are struggling to pick a live wedding band you could always go down the bespoke or niche route. It’s well worth chatting to us about this as we can design pretty much any type of wedding band you desire and that’s because everyone that works here also performs in the bands you see advertised. It makes us highly flexible, able to avoid hiring salespeople charging you commission and means we can offer our bespoke, niche and standard live wedding bands at prices that simply can’t be beaten.


Tell me more about niche wedding bands


Acts like DJ Republic (above) and Knight Riders are two highly sought after, specialist acts. They quite simply aren’t your normal wedding acts so could be just what you are looking for.

However, on each of our wedding bands profile pages, (as shown below) there’s a handy band line up and booking options section where you can view every type of musician a band can provide plus all the added extras they can offer as standard.




You may find you can edit one of our bands in just the way you want with these options but if you don’t see the instrument, line up or option you fancy, talk to us and we can look at adapting any act so it’s transformed into your ideal live wedding band. Sometimes bespoke is the only way to go!


So, there you go. 7 questions to help you pick a live wedding band. These will be super useful as you work your way through the world of live wedding bands and try and make some decisions. Ask yourself these questions with any band you are looking at booking and once you have, you will know if they are right for you.

Don’t forget to get in contact with any questions, queries, comments or to simply chat about our wedding bands.

 We spend a lot of time making our blog posts the best we can for you so if you liked what you read please consider sharing it with others.



Matt and the Seventh Second Team

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