Why Live Wedding Bands for Hire have PLI and PAT Certificates

August 2020 | Matt Oats

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Why live bands for hire should always have PLI and PAT certificates


Any wedding band you are thinking of hiring should have up to date PLI and PAT certificates. PAT certificates certify that the live band’s equipment is electronically safe for live use and a PLI certificate is essentially third-party insurance in case the band hurts someone or damages anything at your wedding venue. Most wedding venues will not allow any live band to perform unless they have both of these important documents.


Why this guide is important

Today’s guide isn’t going to be as fun-packed as our other guides (sorry!) but every couple must understand what PLI and PAT certificates are as they are pretty much compulsory for every single wedding venue in the UK nowadays. You may have noticed your wedding venue asking for these documents and wondering to yourself, what on earth are they?! In this guide, we will only reference live wedding bands but this advice is relevant for any live entertainment you are hiring for a wedding, party or function.


Answering your concerns

We have a lot of couples asking us what PLI and PAT certificates are and although we’ve always had this information available in our FAQ section we thought why not write a guide so everyone can understand what these riveting certificates are and also take the opportunity to answer any other questions that have popped up over the years.


Are PLI and PAT certificates required legally?

Neither documents are legally required but any wedding band worth hiring should have them. All our wedding bands (like Cadence below) do as we believe they are important documents that offer peace of mind and security to you and your wedding venue. As mentioned, most venues won’t allow a band to perform unless they have them and we’ve had quite a few couples book a band with us because the band they previously booked either refused to obtain or didn’t have up to date PLI and PAT certificates. A situation I’m sure you’d like to avoid!


PLI certificates

PLI stands for public liability insurance and can be commonly known as third party insurance and as mentioned covers wedding musicians in the event they damage the venue, someone at your wedding gets injured by their equipment or the unlikely happens and a musician injures a guest or staff member! PLI certificates need to be renewed annually.


Play it safe for a happy wedding


Certificates have been around for hundreds of years for good reason! I’ve seen guests damage musical equipment and injure wedding musicians but never the other way around. Regardless, it’s always best to be covered for all eventualities. We don’t want any wedding stopped over some piece of paper! PLI cover isn’t too expensive and is easy to acquire so any band you are looking at hiring should have PLI’s or get them before they perform for you, even if the venue doesn’t ask for them.


PAT certificates

A PAT certificate or portable appliance tester certificate is a document certifying that all of a wedding bands electrical equipment is in the best possible condition before being used at any venue. This includes PA, mixing desk, stage lighting, amps and any other electrical equipment like laptops, iPads, chargers and plugs. Like PLI certificates, PAT certificates need to be updated and renewed annually.


It’s always best to ask for one

Again, most venues will not allow a live wedding band perform in their venue unless they have a PAT certificate and most PLI policies won’t pay out unless the band has an up to date PAT certificate either. Again, these are quite simple and relatively inexpensive documents to get hold of with plenty of companies out there offering their services wherever you are based. Live wedding bands have no excuse if they don’t have an up to date PAT certificate and you really shouldn’t book a band that doesn’t have one.


The Seventh Second way


As mentioned, all our party bands, function bands and wedding bands for hire keep detailed and up to date PLI and PAT certificates so nothing stops them from performing for you, your family or friends. All wedding bands out there should be the same and any good wedding entertainment agency out there should encourage this same practice. If you experience any attitudes to the contrary, you should question this and possibly avoid said people. Professional wedding entertainers will always carry up to date and accurate PLI and PAT certificates.


Short and sweet but hopefully helpful!

That’s it for today’s guide but I hope it has answered all your questions and worries regarding PAT and PLI certificates. For today’s weddings, they are important documents that any wedding band should have so make sure any band you are looking at hiring has them. If they don’t or you are unsure about their attitude come and book a lovely wedding band with us. We are open 7 days a week, 10 am to 10 pm and happy to chat with you, obligation-free.

 If you have any questions, queries or comments simply contact us. I hope you have a truly fantastic wedding with some fantastic (PAT and PLI covered) live wedding entertainment booked!

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Matt and the Seventh Second team

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