Should I Book A Live Band Or DJ For My Wedding?

October 2019 | Jon Stephens

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Is it better to have a live wedding band or DJ at your wedding? How do you pick?

You may think this a bit of an odd topic for a blog currently dedicated to helping you pick a live wedding band but wedding bands and DJ’s often come hand in hand at weddings and you should read this article along with our others to give you a nice rounded idea of what you want. Bear with us, it’s not a long one to read! 



Who cares?

No matter the type of wedding, DJ’s and live wedding bands have their place and can turn an average wedding into a memorable one. Money plays a big part with wedding bands and DJ’s but you really should choose wisely when picking these two types of wedding entertainment. DJ’s may be a cheaper option but do they truly offer you what you need? Wedding bands are generally more expensive but is a band going to be overkill or unable to smash out those club and garage hits you and your guests yearn for? Think about the kind of ambience you want to create at your wedding so you can focus in on what entertainment you need. We will have a more detailed article coming in the next few months all about this.


I’ll have both a live band and DJ please!

In an ideal world, you want both a DJ and a live wedding band! If you don’t have the budget for both, we’d say pick a wedding band as they just look and sound so much better. We don’t have anything against DJ’s (as you will read later) but live wedding music trumps recorded music any day. Why do we all still love to see the Rolling Stones or Coldplay perform? It’s not just the music, it’s the whole atmosphere they create. The huge trend with old bands reuniting has been fuelled by a desire from the masses to see them live once again. We could also be slightly biased due to our musical background (see our about us page for more).



Let’s be honest

If you are thinking about booking one or the other be honest with yourself. Will the act you choose play the songs you love convincingly? As hinted at earlier, if you want a hardcore, energetic Garage or Ibiza club night vibe, don’t book a live wedding band. However, if you want some amazing live musicians covering all the latest hits, romantic classics and everything in between, book a live wedding band. Be honest with yourself and try and be flexible with your budget and you will reap the rewards on the night. Both mediums have their merits, just pick what’s best for you and if you can book both, make sure they both know about each other’s playlists for the night so there are no duplications or musical style clashes! We find that a top DJ can complement a good wedding band and when this is done, it can add real quality, party atmosphere and consistency to your wedding. We firmly believe in both mediums and we will be adding some amazing DJ’s to our roster in the future so come back and check them out! 

One other thing to note is that if your venue has big sound restrictions you may be forced to have a DJ. A wedding band having to tone its performance down to suit volume restrictions can hamper their whole show and your wedding. Check with your venue and check back here soon as we will have a great article all about the topics of sound limiters and wedding venues.



A sneaky cheat


If you want both a DJ and wedding band but your other wedding purchases have decimated your budget there is sometimes another option. Some wedding bands offer a full, professional DJ service in between their sets and late into the night to save you money. All our wedding bands do and many of them will offer it for free if you book them so give us a shout to find out if you can make use of that amazing deal.

If you need more help and assistance, contact us we’re always happy to help obligation free, 10 am to 10 pm every day.


 Jon and the Seventh Second Team

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