What Do Live Wedding Bands Provide?

September 2020 | Jon Stephens

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What equipment should live wedding bands for hire be able to provide on your wedding day?


Any professional wedding band for hire should be able to provide transport, PA speaker system, stage lighting, stage outfits, the capacity to play background music or DJ, back-ups for any equipment that could malfunction, PLI and PAT certificates plus all musical instruments and any other instrumental backline required to perform. These items are seen as the essential and minimum requirements that any live wedding band should provide.


Why do I need to know this?

Apart from obvious things like great live entertainment, themselves and their instruments (we’ve heard horror stories of this going wrong amazingly!) live wedding bands should ideally bring a completely self-contained live concert to your wedding. Why do you need to know this and why do they usually need to supply this? Well, so your wedding party goes off without a hitch and kicks ass! Woohoo!


What does self-contained mean exactly?

A self-contained live wedding band is a band that can supply everything they need to perform in any venue to their max for you and your guests. Everything means transport, PA sound system, full lighting rig, all musical equipment, stage outfits, equipment for DJ’ing or the capacity to play background music, back-ups for any equipment that can easily break and of course, PLI and PAT certificates.


Is that the lot?

Punctuality, professionalism and politeness wouldn’t go amiss either – don’t accept any diva behaviour! Any wedding bands that call themselves professional that can’t or won’t offer all these basic and essential items are to be avoided unless you or the venue has equipment the band either has to use or can use. Read more about this here and all about live wedding bands to avoid here.


Warning stations


A big reason it’s good to know what your live band can provide is that if they, for example, don’t supply a PA or stage lighting and your wedding venue don’t supply one or both of these you could be left with no sound or lighting for your first dance and evenings partying.


A wedding nightmare to avoid

We’ve heard of wedding bands arriving at weddings without stage lighting because they assumed the couple and wedding venue had hired it in. That’s a wedding party and live wedding band with no light show! We’ve even heard of bands not bringing a PA sound system for the same reason. Not good, your wedding party could be stopped before it begins!


Your wedding venue may have PA and lighting?

Becoming more common as they struggle to deal with noise complaints and sound restrictions, wedding venues do sometimes supply PA and lighting systems. This can sometimes be good news and is probably for the best as any live wedding band can be or should be encouraged to use them by your wedding venue. We cover this (and so, so much more) in our bumper booking guide here which really is essential reading before you hire any wedding band but make sure any wedding band you hire speaks with your wedding venue so they each know exactly what they can and need to provide to get your wedding party rocking!


The Seventh Second way


We don’t want you or any of our wedding couples worrying about any of the above so we have one simple rule here at Seventh Second. All our acts including live wedding bands follow the self-contained philosophy. The self-contained philosophy is important to us because it means when we turn up to any wedding anywhere in the world, we can relax knowing we have all the gear we may need to perform to our best and we know that you’re relaxing in the knowledge that we have everything taken care of. We offer this at no extra cost and other wedding bands should be doing the same.


Enjoy your wedding with fantastic, professional entertainment!

You have enough to deal with when organising a wedding and worrying about a live wedding bands professionalism, organisation and what musical equipment they may or may not bring shouldn’t be added to your list! Here at Seventh Second, we supply everything needed to have a memorable night’s partying and if your venue does have PA or lighting we need to use, no problem, we have a lot of experience working with wedding venue equipment and getting the most out of it.


What do live wedding bands provide – the complete list

Below is what any wedding band you hire should be able to provide for your wedding. No ifs, no buts, this stuffs pretty essential!



PA speaker system

Stage lighting

All musical equipment and instruments

Performance attire

Background music and/or DJ equipment

PLI and PAT certificates

Back-ups for any equipment that could easily malfunction

Professional and friendly attitude


The detail

Let’s have a quick look at each item in the list so you are clued up



All professional wedding bands should have transport of course but it’s always worth checking they do. If you’re planning to have your wedding abroad this is something you should doubly check as that can be a different logistical story.


PA speaker system

A PA system is fundamental to any live wedding bands performance and professional wedding bands should always have one available. Without a PA, your band isn’t making a sound so unless your wedding venue has one, someone is going to have to rent one and that doesn’t always come cheap. It’s why all our acts come equipped with top quality PA systems free of charge.


Stage lighting


You want your live band to look great as well as sound cool! Stage lighting is a must and although some wedding venues have lighting, great wedding bands should have great stage lighting to complement their professional look and sound because it’s needed more often than not. You can never have too many lights either!


Musical equipment including instruments

Yep, we’ve heard stories of wedding bands forgetting to bring instruments, bringing the wrong instruments to weddings or leaving their DJ equipment at home. Nightmare! All our acts own and provide fantastically well looked after instruments with plenty of spares because they care about their profession and any live band you hire should be exactly the same.


Performance attire

Stage lighting is all well and good but you want the band to look the part too! Just check out Southside Sparkles (above) carefully orchestrated look! All good quality wedding bands should be able and willing to dress to impress and compliment your wedding theme. Dressed smart, casual or even themed, wedding bands are there to blend into your wedding, entertain and look awesome doing it!


Background music/DJ equipment

You may have booked a wedding DJ or have your own playlists for your wedding but there’s no harm in having spares or other options!

The League of Gentlemen (above) who usually gig week in week out at weddings across the UK always have their DJ equipment and back up background music gear with them and around 70% of the couples they play for love to make use of it. It’s a very popular free booking option with all our wedding bands and should be made available to you by most other professional wedding bands out there.


PLI and PAT certificates

We speak all about these certificates in our little guide here but suffice it to say these documents should accompany any wedding band you hire. They are a must for most wedding venues nowadays so if your live wedding band doesn’t have them, they aren’t performing! All our acts carry up to date PLI and PAT certificates so they can always perform at all sorts of stunning weddings every week.


Professional and friendly attitude

Professionalism and politeness should come a standard too. Any live wedding band that can’t or won’t offer the essential items listed are to be potentially avoided unless you or the wedding venue has equipment the band must either use or can use.

They don’t get much more professional of friendly than From the Top above.


It’s your special day

Your wedding is important and one of a kind so bands you speak with should treat it as such. They should be polite, professional, offer their expertise and enjoy planning your party as much as you do! A wedding is one of the happiest occasions known to man after all! It’s a big reason we are in the bands we advertise, we love being musicians and we love performing and designing wedding entertainment with happy couples in love.


What are the next steps for you?

First and foremost, ask any wedding band you are considering booking what they can bring to your wedding and if this costs any extra. Use our list or what your wedding venue classes as essential as a guide to keep the process simple for you. In our experience, most wedding bands worth their money will bring all they need to perform for you free of charge but always check. Better to be safe than sorry!


Have a memorable wedding and avoid hidden costs

Having our list and your new-found knowledge will also help you avoid any cheeky extra costs or con artists out there. Unless specifically stated, live wedding bands shouldn’t really be asking for extra money when it comes to supplying everything I’ve mentioned today. Below is just some of what we offer free of charge.




What if the wedding band of your dreams can’t or won’t supply all the essentials?

If you have your heart set on one wedding band in particular but they can’t supply all the essentials you have a few options. You either ask them to hire gear – preferably free of charge, you can find a wedding venue that can supply what your band can’t or look at hiring the equipment for yourself. With the help of your wedding band, it should be pretty straight forward hiring musical equipment.


Professional and willing wedding bands

We are happy to try our absolute best for our wedding couples because we take your special day and our job seriously, but it is up to you if you want to pay extra and hire equipment for your band of choice. It could cost you hundreds if not thousands and you shouldn’t have to do it unless there are exceptional circumstances.


There’s plenty more wedding band fish in the sea

A truly professional wedding band should be there to help not hinder but if you are feeling put off by an unwilling or unprofessional wedding band, never fear, there’s plenty more fish in the musical sea. We keep our roster small and select but just look at all the amazingly diverse wedding bands we have on offer!


I hope this inside peek into the world of live wedding bands and what they bring to your wedding has helped you on your fantastic journey towards the perfect wedding. Myself and everyone at Seventh Second simply want every couple to have the best wedding they can so I hope this guide, as well as past and future guides, continue to help! Comments, questions and suggestions for future guides are always welcome so get in touch with us here! 

Hire a live wedding band that supplies all the above essentials and you are well on the way to a fantastic night’s partying! If you feel this guide may be useful to others and you liked what you read please consider sharing it.


Jon and the boys and girls at Seventh Second

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