Help! What If My Live Wedding Band Cancelled?

January 2020 | Oana Gheorghiu

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COVID-19: We want to reassure you that Seventh Second is open for business as usual and here to help you with any questions or queries you have regarding booking, cancelling or postponing live entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic.

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What on earth do you do if your live wedding band cancels at the last minute?




If your live wedding band cancels, check your contract with them or their representative so you know your legal rights and options. Secondly, read any supplementary terms and conditions they may have and thirdly, see if legally they have to help source a new, reliable wedding band for you! Contractually, they usually have to but if this isn’t the case you may need to seek legal help or further assistance through citizens advice.


Wow, this is a pretty awful situation to be in and although we’ve never had any of our wedding bands cancel a wedding performance in over 15 years, we do know exactly what you have to do if this awful situation occurs. It’s not always a simple process, so lets now take you through all the possible steps you may have to take. Firstly, if you are really running out of time or understandably panicking, just contact us now and we will help in any way we can, obligation-free.

Check your rights as a bride and groom



We’ve mentioned in our posts are wedding bands safe to book online and which wedding bands to avoid in 2020 that it’s important for you to check any wedding band or wedding entertainment websites’ T&C’s and FAQ sections but what’s also crucially important is making sure you have a signed contract with any band you book and that you fully understand it. When the average cost of a live wedding band in 2020 is £1499.80 we really wouldn’t recommend hiring any wedding band or wedding entertainment without having a contract in place. If the worst happens and they cancel or you have to cancel and you have no legal protection, you could be seriously out of pocket. 

We’ve been in the wedding entertainment world for a pretty long time now and we make sure we have robust contracts that fully protect the client and the musicians. Below you can see what our contract stipulates when a wedding band cancels on you. This really is the industry standard and you shouldn’t expect any less. We suggest you check your contract for this kind of information but if you understandably find wedding contracts confusing just talk to us. We’re always happy to help.


6.1 The Artist shall have the right to terminate this Contract only on the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event.

6.2 The Artist shall inform the Agent as soon as reasonably practicable on becoming aware of the Force Majeure Event. The Agent shall notify the Client of the cancellation as soon as reasonably possible after being informed by the Artist and make all reasonable attempts to find a suitable replacement artist of a similar standard, style and cost. Should a suitable replacement not be found, the Agent agrees to refund the Client the Deposit plus any other fees already paid in advance.

6.3 Without prejudice to any other rights the Client may have, should the Artist purport to terminate a Contract for any reason other than a Force Majeure Event the Artist shall pay within 5 working days to the Agent an administration fee equal to the commission due on the Contract (being an amount equal to the Deposit). The Artist shall be liable to pay to the Client the difference between the original Total Cost under this contract and the new fees charged by any replacement artist arranged for the Client by the Agent up to a maximum higher price difference of 20% of the Total Cost. The Artist shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense arising out of the breach, which was not reasonably foreseeable by the Artist at the date of the Contract.

6.4 No refund shall be given to the Client against the Deposit already paid, and no administration charge will be made to the Artist, if a replacement artist of similar value can be arranged by the Agent and agreed by the Client. However, should a replacement artist charge a lower fee, the Client will be refunded an amount of the Deposit pro-rata to the difference in fees and the replacement artist will be due their usual fee. The Agent shall use reasonable endeavours to contact the Client and Artist to agree this in advance.

6.5 The Client shall have the right to reject any last-minute replacement artists provided that the replacement artist is not required to perform. If the Client still requires the replacement artist to perform, then their full fee will be due.

Keep calm and now have a chat with your wedding band or their representatives



In reality, you should have already been contacted by your cancelled wedding band or their representatives about how to solve your wedding band crisis but if not, once you’ve given the contract a good read, contact them as soon as you can as it really should be their responsibility to sort another wedding band for you. Again, any proper contract should already explain the next steps but make sure you are clued up with any contracts before you speak to them. Its an unfortunate and disorientating situation to be in but don’t let anyone off the hook, you need an excellent live wedding band regardless and you’ve paid for it!

I do love a good term and condition, oh and those wedding FAQ’s are riveting!



Yep, we understand, terms and conditions and FAQ’s are about as boring as legal contract jargon but as mentioned at the beginning, there’s a lot of important stuff in there. Hiring a live wedding band online can be daunting and a little bit nerve-wracking and when the worst happens any information can become crucial so its really worth a quick scan through. Many wedding entertainment websites are essentially staffed by salespeople not musicians so they may not understand the finer points of a situation such as a wedding band cancelling. Give those pages a scan as you might find just the information you need to either back up your case or get things moving quickly in your favour. You’ve got a wedding to organise!


I’ve spoken to the wedding band and/or their representatives but it’s still not sorted.



Ok, so at this point we are assuming you’ve spoken to the wedding band and their representatives, checked your contractual rights and had a little look over the T&C’s and FAQ’s but you’ve hit another issue. They either can’t find another suitable band, won’t find another suitable band for you or the band they’ve offered you is way more expensive or completely unsuitable. What do you do? At the very least, you should receive a full refund from your cancelled wedding band but if things turn nasty you should check out your consumer rights act here.



In the meantime, go and check out other websites that have special bands that can deal with last-minute cancellations. These bands like Captain Obvious above, aren’t typically different from other wedding bands in any major way but they are able and willing to perform at weddings with very short notice. We have such a page here where all the bands you see are able to rally the troops and head out to all sorts of weddings saving bride and grooms all over the country with very little notice. Yey!


So can you help me with my wedding band crisis at all?


I perform in bands here at Seventh Second like Southside Sparkle above that sometimes help with these situations and usually, we have enough time to really understand what a bride and groom wanted for their wedding and deliver it for them too. It can be high pressure but super rewarding! Contact us now and we will try our absolute best to help. Our last-minute wedding bands don’t charge a premium or add extra fees for this kind of work either.




To protect yourself, we would recommend that as soon as you know your wedding band has cancelled, start looking at other wedding bands like ours and check availability just in case. Hopefully, everything will be sorted by your cancelled wedding band or their representatives but if not, at least you’ve started looking for other bands and time is usually of the essence in many of these situations.

DIY wedding to the rescue!



Yep, this may seem an impossible task given your rising panic levels but we know bride and grooms who have simply reached out to everyone they know and posted on social media about their wedding emergency and they’ve either found a live wedding band or a wedding DJ that’s free for their big day. Super! It could be worth trying but if all else fails, make yourself your perfect playlist on Spotify or Itunes and blast it out at your wedding. We know it’s not ideal but your guests will understand and you should still have that packed dancefloor you dreamed of. Get those dancing shoes ready, no one is going to stop you having a fantastic wedding!

Interview with a super bride


We’re hoping your wedding band troubles are over now (yey!), but we thought we’d bring you a quick little interview with one bride we helped back in 2016. Hopefully, her story will demonstrate you are not alone and that you can fix what seems like a total disaster. The Avengers wedding band came to the rescue this time around and you can see their video above.


Here’s Shelly with her story…

“We had a great wedding band booked for our wedding in Oxford for the 14/5/16. I couldn’t wait! Planning my wedding had been very stressful but fun and with a week to go I felt like I was slowly able to relax a tiny bit and picture my wedding day with friends and family. Everything seemed on track. The band contacted us five days beforehand and said they couldn’t perform anymore! I couldn’t believe it and they didn’t seem very willing to help me sort the problem. Their agency didn’t seem to have many great options so me and my mum searched all one day for other options. With great relief we got The Avengers band sorted with the guys at Seventh Second and to my surprise, they actually performed more of what we wanted than the other band said they could. We had a great wedding party in the end. I’m not sure how we managed it but it was such a huge relief to have it all sorted. My wedding day was stressful enough! It was a horrible place to be in because we hadn’t done anything wrong and I felt my wedding was going to be a disaster but there are options out there and musicians like the ones at Seventh Second who can help.”




Well, that’s a great way to end this blog post but again, if you are feeling totally stranded and stressed please just contact us and we will help. Alternatively, there are a few forums where people have shared their experiences that you can check out including You and Your Weddings and Hitched.

Either way, we are sure you will have the wedding of your dreams!

We spend a lot of time making our blog posts the best we can for you so if you liked what you read please consider sharing it with others. Thanks!

Oana and the Seventh Second Team.

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