What Is A Live Wedding Band? – The Complete Answer

January 2020 | Jon Stephens

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What is a live wedding band or wedding music band exactly?


A live wedding band or wedding music band is quite simply a group of musicians who specifically perform live music at weddings. They usually have specially designed live setlists just for weddings and also specialise in performing first dance songs live. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes so in this post we’ll give you all the essential information so you pick the perfect one for your wedding!



Yer, I’m pretty sure I know what a live wedding band is thanks!

So this may seem like an obvious blog post but were you aware of all the different types of wedding music bands there are? Do you know how they differ from your standard party band, pub band or corporate band? Did you know that on average, wedding bands cost more than party bands but usually less than corporate entertainment?

Live wedding bands in 2020 cost on average:

3 piece band £1125.72

4 piece band £1510.50

5 piece band £1509.76

6 piece band £1849.11

And below are the average prices for our wedding bands.

3 piece band £910

4 piece band £1117.57

5 piece band £1389.17

6 piece band £1597.54

We don’t charge commission so that’s why our prices are lower but either way wedding bands are a big investment so its good to know exactly what you are buying.
Wedding bands are such a vital part of any weddings entertainment we felt it was our duty to fully explain what they are all about so you can pick the best one possible for your special day. Read on!

Different types of live wedding band

So in the rather vast live wedding band world, you have a huge range of bands out there catering for all sorts of weddings. You can start with compact little 3 piece bands and go right up to 15 piece mammoth wedding bands! Some of the core types of wedding band include:

Rock and Pop bands

Soul and Motown bands

Acoustic and Roaming bands

Niche or Alternative bands

Multi-genre bands

Below are some real-life examples of wedding bands from each category. If you want a really in-depth look at live wedding bands and all that they entail check out our big little guide to live wedding bands. You will be an officinardo of all things wedding band by the end of reading it.

Rock and Pop Wedding Band
The League of Gentlemen

The League of Gentlemen are all about your wedding – especially if you like the rockier side of life. Each tune is played with genuine gusto and rock n’ roll spirit. This 4-piece band is made up of a stomping rhythm section, pulsating guitars and unrelenting lead male vocals raising the roof with some extra backing vocals to boot.

Soul and Mowtown Wedding Band
Night and Day

Night and Day with their uniquely cool and upbeat swinging Soul, Ratpack, Pop, Jazz, Jive and Motown renditions of classic and contemporary tunes fit that top draw wedding band bill. Stunning lead male vocals float over one of the most understated backing bands right now. You are guaranteed a premium Soul and Motown wedding act who won’t disappoint.

Acoustic and Roaming Wedding Band

Encore provide some of the best 3-piece acoustic live wedding entertainment out there. Specialising in music that makes you go “Whoa! Haven’t heard this in ages!” This vibrant wedding band trio consists of powerful female vocals, acoustic guitar and backing vocals, and a unique percussion setup.

Niche or Alternative Wedding Band
Stan Darsh

Stan Darsh deliver a once in a lifetime nonstop festival rave full of unique, original remixes of some of the biggest hits from the 90’s right up to present day.
Remixing and moulding classic and contemporary Rock, Metal, Indie, Punk, Pop, Club Hits, DnB and alternative music into their own unique DJ-inspired style, Stan Darsh’s non-stop blistering live show delivers a heaving dancefloor and big party atmosphere. Stan Darsh are a truly unique wedding event.


Multi-Genre Wedding Band
The Usual Suspects

Energetic? Fun & contemporary? Powerful 3-piece harmonies? Yes please! Birmingham based Usual Suspects cover every musical base with an awesome selection of Rock, Pop, Funk, Indie, Folk and Soul hits from the sixties to the present day for any wedding that wants to transform from average to awesome!

What makes a band a wedding band then?

You would understandably assume that wedding bands are just like any other type of band you can hire. Not so! Live wedding bands usually consist of professional, full-time musicians who have put together their band specifically for weddings. This usually means they have specially designed setlists that are constantly updated, large repertoires and experience in performing first dance songs so you get the exact wedding entertainment you desire from a live band that really understands the ins and outs of a hectic wedding day.


Unlike corporate entertainment or party bands who usually deliver specially choreographed live shows, wedding bands are usually highly flexible and adaptable. They can usually strip down their line up similar to our act Encore for the wedding ceremony or wedding reception performances or beef up the line up if you have a big venue or want the big bustling sound of a larger wedding band just like From the Top produce.
They can usually offer wedding DJ services just like all our wedding bands do so you can keep that wedding budget in check and get the full wedding entertainment experience without all the extra hassle and fuss. It’s this mix of adaptability and specialisation that makes them the only kind of live band you should think of hiring for your wedding.

Anything else I should know about wedding music bands?

Well, now that you mention it unlike many other live bands, wedding bands usually come fully self-contained meaning they arrive at your wedding with all the sound, lighting and backline musical equipment they need to perform so you don’t need to worry about sourcing anything or having delightfully confusing logistical conversations with your wedding venue.
Wedding bands operate in this way because they perform at a wide variety of wedding venues. Most wedding venues don’t supply any lighting or sound equipment and even if they do it’s often not suitable. By making themselves totally self-contained wedding bands avoid any possible issues at any wedding venue.
Corporate and party bands often play similar venues over and over but because wedding bands perform at wedding venues all over the country often travelling large distances, they are also experts at venue logistics and understanding how to utilise a venues space, acoustics and sound limitations. Ask any good live wedding band about sound limiters and they will know exactly what you are talking about and how to work with them. Many wedding venues have them installed nowadays so booking a wedding music band over any other band is well worth it.
Unlike other live bands, all wedding bands should have up to date PLI and PAT certificates (like ours do) which are essential if they are to perform at pretty much any wedding venue in the UK. Your average band for hire may not have them as they may not perform at many wedding venues where these certificates are usually compulsory. If you want to know more about PLI or PAT certificates or sound limiters, check our FAQ’s page.

Let’s hear from a real-life wedding band then, please!


Unless you are at a wedding and get to strut your stuff to a fantastic live wedding band, chances are you won’t ever see one live so how do you know what one is?! They usually only perform at weddings which are usually private functions so that’s not very helpful to you. Therefore, we thought we’d get a little interview sorted with one of our lovely wedding bands.
Because we perform in the wedding bands you see on our site it was pretty easy to get an interview with the Rachel, the lead singer of Flowers. One of our most popular and established female-fronted live wedding bands.


Hey Rachel, thanks for popping in for a little chat.

No problem!

What do you think specifically makes you a live wedding band?

Whenever we come up with setlists, we try and think of what bride and grooms and their friends and family will want to hear and dance to. We’ve also performed hundreds of first dance songs over the years!

Why should bride and grooms pick a wedding band over any other type of band for hire?

A good wedding band knows exactly what to expect at any wedding and how to cope with any situations. We’ve had some funny requests and very strange things happen unexpectedly at weddings and without our wedding experience, im not sure how we would have coped. I think it makes a lot of sense to book a band for your wedding that wants to play at weddings professionally.

Why do you perform in a wedding band?

I love watching first dances, love performing and who can resist a beautiful bride and groom on their wedding day!

Tell us a bit about your wedding band

Flowers has been around since we all left music college in London and we have been performing exclusively at weddings in the UK and aboard for over 10 years. I can’t count the number of weddings we’ve performed at but we love it!

What are Flowers up to at the moment?

We are very slowly getting into wedding season so we are getting ready for upcoming shows and working on a brand new wedding setlist for this year. I can’t wait to share it with people and hopefully get them all dancing.


Well, you should now be in no doubt as to what a live wedding band is but if you still have questions just contact us. If you want to see some more lovely examples of wedding bands head here and please check out our dedicated live wedding band blog for more essential reading.

We spend a lot of time making our blog posts the best we can for you so if you liked what you read please consider sharing it with others. Thanks!

Jon and the Seventh Second team.

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